Emperor of the Fading Suns


Documentation: Contributors

I'd like to thank the following contributors, in alphabetical order, who have sent me a lot of comments on improving the Hyperion patch and encouraging me to bring it to its current state: Mitchell Baldwin, Klaus Borek, Mike Ely, Ray Grant, Russel Gillen, Michael Howe, Joanne, Sean O'Neal, Kent Matthew Peterson, Maciej Swierzewski, and Rich Trup.

I'd also like to thank Ken Lightner for his dedication to fix a lot of the EFS bugs and creating a new V1.4 commercial patch - thanks Ken!

I'd like to thank the original Hyperion V1.0 contributors: Ed Clark, Eric Moon, John Rushinsky, and Bob Wahl for their efforts in helping me make this patch and for a very event-filled 3-month Hyperion Patch email game; George Andonyan for his comments on aircraft; Russel Roberts for his suggestions on making Space units immune to Ranged Space combat; Chris Donovan for his information on how to fix the spotting problem; Tom Henderson's Hacking Guide, which provided very helpful information on how to edit the UNIT.DAT and TECH.DAT files; and finally Richard Wein for his Nova patch and inspiring me to create this patch.

And last but not least, I'd also like to thank some of the Galaxy designers for their great maps, namely Kent Matthew Peterson for his Corinthian Galaxy, designed specifically for the Hyperion patch, and Troy Schuler for his Trojan Map from which I was able to design the Spartan Galaxy and Trojan Scenario.

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