Emperor of the Fading Suns


Documentation: My Intentions

I've tried to make the game much more interesting by balancing the units and quantifying their expense. For instance, in the original EFS pretty much all I basically built were Artillery and Anti-tank Guns. All the "cool" units used way too many resources and were destroyed too easily by Artillery and Anti-tank Guns. So I decided to create formulas that generated the unit's statistics from the resources used to create it. This way if I used 40 electronics to build a unit then it had some good spotting, movement, accuracy, etc and would be much better than an Artillery unit that only uses 20 metal. I also used a scoring system that rated each unit depending on the number of technologies required to build the unit. The Church like / dislike negative comes into play here as well because units that require tech proscribed by the Church are bound to be more powerful. There are two scores generated for a unit, one purely based on technological research cost and the other based purely on the Church like / dislike negative. The technological research cost score is normalized (divided by 100) and the higher between this value and the Church negative value becomes that unit's score and is utilized in the unit design.

As far as technologies are concerned, I applied a similar formulaic approach to determining how many research points a technology requires to research. As technology progressed, research cost increased.

I also wanted to expand the number of units in the game, especially space, naval, and air units. There are now almost 200 new units in the game (160 House, 14 Ministry, 13 Church, 4 League, 6 Rebel, 2 Alien). Not all of these units are available within the game but can be added with the Galaxy Editor. The use of naval and air units are now much more interesting as well as the new possibilities with space units.

41 of the new House units are devoted to the construction of House Flagships. Each Flagship requires the Flagship Artisan to be built, and the Flagship Artisan cannot be added with the Galaxy Editor. There are 10 different House Flagship designs each with 3 upgrades for a total of 40 different House Flagships. Add 1 Flagship for each House with the Galaxy Editor so that they will have a Flagship at the beginning of the game. When a House is ready to upgrade its Flagship, it can disband it back to the Flagship Artisan and then upgrade it to the next available upgrade at the Shield city. Since there are 5 Houses and 10 Flagship designs (it is recommended that a House get only 1 Flagship at the start of a game), this new option leaves plenty of variability in the Flagships seen in the game.

I didn't think the Symbiots were tough enough, and so I decided to make their units much stronger. Attacking Symbiot planets will now be a risky gamble, as well as attempting to capture ruins early.


The Vau also had anemic units and so they have been toughened up as well. Also, the Vau can build Jet Bikes, War-skifs, and War Towers as well as the new Vau Mercenary in Vau cities if someone goes to war with them.

Another thing that I didn't think had a strong enough influence was the Church and so I decided to make powerful technologies more likely to be proscribed by the Church so that if you wanted that powerful unit you'd have to pay for it by risking the Church's wrath. The Church Inquisitors were okay units in the original, but I decided to make them a lot tougher, too, so that you would really fear the Church's sting, especially early if you decided that you could take on the Church. Now the Church also has 12 new units plus their Flagship. The 12 other units are combinations of regular units with psychic powers (i.e. psy tanks, psy aircraft, etc.). These units can only be added with the Galaxy Editor or built by the Church if they control a Monastery (Inquisitors, Psy Mega Tanks, Psy Laser Fighters, and Psy Killer Gunships) or a University (Monks, Psy Hover Tanks, Killers, and Anti-Air). This should make attacking the church much more interesting.

The Ministry positions offered nothing special except that you usually got more advanced units with the Ministry. Now the Ministries have 10 new units designed for each Ministry plus 1 Flagship for each Ministry as well. Most of these units need to be added with the Galaxy Editor and most can be built in a University provided the appropriate technology has been researched. Now owning a Ministry should be a lot more interesting and fun.

The League also did not have any different units and so now they have 8 new units plus a Flagship. These units can only be added with the Galaxy Editor or built by the League if they control an Agora (3rd Republic Enforcer, 3rd Republic Hover Tank, Tank Killer, and Anti-Air) or an Alien Ruins (3rd Republic Siege Tank and 3rd Republic Hyper Bomber). 2 of the new units are specialized Freighters and Bulk Haulers that make attacking League convoys more difficult.

It was also brought to my attention that previous versions of Hyperion were a little slow out of the gates with regards to unit selection versus technological research. As a result, a lot of the technologies for the first unit in a category have been moved to the second slot, so that the unit in category one can be built sooner. This has the effect of increasing the longevity for that unit and increasing the unit variety earlier in the game.

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