Emperor of the Fading Suns


Documentation: Quirks

There are a few “quirks” in the Hyperion Patch:


In order to use Fertilizer Specialists with the Galaxy Editor (they use the Peasant icon which isn’t available), I had to put them in the same class as Militia units. This means that you can come across Rebel Fertilizer Specialists that look just like Militia, but when you build the Fertilizer Specialist it will only use the Peasant unit icon. Note: With Mitchell Baldwin’s Galaxy Editor, it has access to all the units, so once I get galaxies converted over, I’m going to replace the Militia Fertilizer unit with another one.


Since I made crawler and wheel units move on water only, they will try to board a Naval Transport when you attempt to move them onto a naval stack with them in it. The solution is to move the Naval Transports onto your naval crawler stacks and then they will be able to assimilate into the rest of your naval fleet. Please note that since Mini Missile Subs are loadable, they will automatically load onto the Naval Transport.


When moving Naval units (Naval, Wheel, Crawler) they are allowed to move though both Rivers and Deltas. However, since these terrain types have terrain below them that cannot be moved through, the Naval units will not be able to move through these types of terrains unless the movement routine charts a path through it.


Coastal units cannot attack adjacent sea units with the mouse – you must use the arrow keys on the keyboard to initiate an attack on a sea-faring stack from the coast.

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