Emperor of the Fading Suns


Changes - TARGET.DAT (No 19FEB2K changes)

  • Landers are now vulnerable to Direct and Close weapons. This means that Landers can attack other Landers in space with their Direct and Close weapons. Note that Direct weapons only work in space, Landers are hard-coded immune to Direct weapons on the ground.
  • Due to any unit with space combat ability being able to launch from a Space Carrier (namely Crawlers) the ground units have been made vulnerable to various space weaponry (previously Crawlers, as well as others, were invulnerable in space).
  • Space is now vulnerable to Ranged Space and Lander is now immune to Ranged Space.
  • This is to account for the fact that all Landers are small vessels and hence too small for such weaponry.
  • Naval are only vulnerable to Underwater and Psychic. This is for Non-PTS Submarines.
  • Wheel and Crawlers are now susceptible to Ranged Space Attacks.
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