Emperor of the Fading Suns


Changes - UNIT.DAT (19FEB2K changes)

New unit images! I've added 82 new unit FLC's for most of the enhanced powered armor, stealth, and morph upgrades.
Changes due to EFS V1.4:
  • Any unit with space weaponry (and pyschic) can deploy from a Space Carrier and engage in combat. This has had the effect of completely changing the movement type philosophy of Space and Lander units. Space units are now vulnerable to Ranged Space weaponry and Lander units are now immune to Ranged Space weapons.
  • Space Fighters, Space Torpedo Bombers, and Space Marines are now Lander movement type. To prevent Space Fighters, non-jump Space Torpedo Bombers, and Space Marines from jumping out of a system, their movement is now 0 and hence they have become defensive units. They can only be used offensively when loaded on a Space Carrier.
  • Starbases have had their Direct Space moved to Ranged Space and Close Space moved to Direct Space.
  • Assault Landers now only use 40 total Metal + Ceramsteel. This represents their effecient use of materials.
  • Cargo Pods are now hover again, 6 movement, and spot 0
  • Sceptors are 8 move again and spot 0
  • Holy Relics are 8 move again and spot 0
  • Since Aircraft can no longer be disbanded unlimitedly, the Aircraft Pilot is no longer a unit prerequisite for Aircraft.
  • Any space unit can be unloaded in space, so now Jump Torpedo Bombers and Mechs are loadable again.
  • New Units - All units that cannot be built are for galaxy designers:
    Imperial Eye:
  • Imperial Eye Agent - these units are fearless agents of the 'Eye. They use the Spy icon and so can attack on Byzantium II, carrying out the will of their Minister. They cannot be built.
  • Imperial Eye Network - this unit is designed specifically for the Imperial Eye. It has very high spotting (50) and so when added to an Imperial Eye Fort, will allow a player that gets the Imperial Eye Ministry to gather a lot of intelligence on planets with these structures installed. They cannot be built, cannot be moved, and cannot be destroyed. This is an attempt to make the Imperial Eye more appealing.
  • Imperial Eye Scout - this unit is employed by the Imperial Eye to scout surrounding systems. It uses the submarine icon, is a Lander, and so has the capability (Indirect, Air) of attacking on Byzantium II if the Imperial Eye Minister is unscrupulous enough. This unit cannot be built. Thanks to Joanne (VelaraDire@aol.com) for the ideas on this one!
  • Imperial Eye Flagship - designed for scenario designers, this unit cannot be built and is a tweaked Cyber-Morph Raider.
  • Stigmata Garrison:
  • Stigmata Defender - this unit is designed specifically for protecting Stigmata against the Symbiot Horde. It is a tweaked Marauder Legion that is an Air unit. It can fight in space aboard a Space Carrier. This unit cannot be built.
  • Stigmata Mech Defender - like the Stigmata Defender, this unit is designed to protect Stigmata against the Symbiot Horde. Being a Lander, it can also charge into Symbiot space and attack the horde head-on. This Mech Lander is a modified Heavy Mech. This unit cannot be built.
  • Stigmata Hover Fortress - An impressive anti-Air and Armored unit, the Stigmata Hover Fortress combines impressive power and agility to provide an excellent defensive platform for protecting Stigmata from the hoard. Thanks to Joanne (VelaraDire@aol.com) for the ideas on this one!
  • Stigmata MegaFortress - This unit represents the ingenuity of Stigmata engineers to design a massive, but agile Air-superiority fighter. Impressively arrayed with Fusion Beam weaponry and polymorphonic armor to increase agility, touting an advanced sensor system, and using the best aircraft pilots in the galaxy, this air unit not only excels at taking out other air units but also can direct its accurate Fusion Beams on armored ground units as well. Thanks to Joanne (VelaraDire@aol.com) for the ideas on this one!
  • Stigmata (Garrison) Flagship - this impressive orbital platform is rumored to be one of the most highly-advanced spacecraft in the galaxy. It is not known where the technology for its formidable Autonomous Fighters comes from. This unit cannot be built and is meant to be placed over Stigmata to help bottle off the Symbiot Horde.
  • Imperial Fleet:
  • Imperial Assault Mech - this unit is a modified Assault Mech that has had its weapon systems reconfigured for Direct and Close ground and space combat and its pilots high-trained in combat manuevers.
  • Imperial Fleet Flagship - this Space Carrier Dreadnought hybrid is a formidable assault vessel. It has impressive armament giving exceptional Ranged Space and Close Space attack capabilities. This unit cannot be built and is for scenario designers. With a Ministry position early, this ship can run amok, so the scenario designer will have to place this vessel in a location where it will be most difficult for it to do so.
  • Imperial Guard:
  • Imperial Miss(ile) Battery - A co-mingling of advanced missile weaponry and a MegaChassis bring forth this Imperial Guard unit.
  • Imperial Siege Tank - More Megachassis modifications, this slow, but mobile tank is exceptional at taking out tanks and other armored units.
  • Imperial Guard Flagship - Engineers modified this Cybermorph Cruiser by adding Discontinuity Beams, and tweaking several other areas (including an experimental drive system) turning it into a Super-Cybermorph Cruiser. Vladmir, himself, would be proud of such a vessel.
  • Church:
  • Monk - devout followers of Brother Battle, Monks have exceptional close and incredible psychic attack abilities. There are a few Monks known to exist.
  • Acolyte - devout followers of Brother Battle, Acolytes are Inquisitors or Monks in training.
  • Psy-Tanks: Heavy Tank Killer, Mega Tank, Hover Tank, Hover Tank Killer, and Hover Anti-Air Tank have now been added for the church. They are almost identical to the non-Psy units except each one has a Psychic Attack capability.
  • Psy-Aircraft: Killer Psy-Gunship, Laser Psy-Fighter.
  • Holy Warrior - an exceptionally powerful Psychic-attack Space Torpedo Bomber, this unit cannot be built and it is a derivative of a Jump Torpedo Bomber.
  • Psy-Fusion Assault Lander - effectively a suped-up, psy-crewed Assault Lander with Fusion Cannons and enhanced shielding, these units should be given to the Church so that they can deploy their infamous Inquisitors more effectively. They cannot be built.
  • Divine Lander - The Flagship of the Church, this Assault Lander is a Fusion Psy-bermorph Lander with 4 Cargo Slots.
  • League:
  • League Security Droid - very advanced droids, that are used by the League to guard production facilities.
  • League Freighter and League Bulk Hauler - well-armed versions of Freighters and Bulk Haulers, these units give the League some additional punch. Replace Armored Freighters and below with League Freighters and replace Power Bulk Haulers and below with League Bulk Haulers to make the League more difficult to deal with. These units cannot be built.
  • Leagueheim Flagship - designed for scenario designers, this unit cannot be built and is a Cybermorph Stealth Bulk Hauler hybrid equipped with impressive armament.
  • Rebel:
  • Rebel Officer and Rebel Noble - these cannot be built, and are more powerful Officers and Nobles, akin to the Rebel Partisans. They are only available to Galaxy Designers.
  • Added the Rebel Soldier, Rebel Flak, Rebel ATG, and Rebel Artillery units so that Ruins are better protected. These units cannot be built.
  • Symbiot:
  • Symbiot PTS Weapon - uses the Blow Ship icon, this is a very powerful PTS defensive weapon. The very nature of this weapon also causes it to have an inaccurate but potent Indirect and an accurate and powerful Air capability.
  • Vau:
  • Vau PTS Weapon - this highly-advanced PTS weapon has incredible Ranged Space accuracy and potency. Do not land near this one!
  • House Flagships There are now 10 new House Flagships each with 3 upgrades for a total of 40 new units. House Flagships are meant to be added at the beginning of the game with the Galaxy Editor since none of the units can be built without the Flagship Artisan input unit. The Flagship Artisan uses the Scientist unit slot, who cannot be added with the Galaxy Editor. Add the Level I unit with the Galaxy Editor. The Level II unit is meant to be an enhancement of the Level I unit without any substantial advanced technological building techniques. The Level III and IV units become extremely powerful, hence the heavy resource, time, and Firebird requirements to build these upgrades. This is meant to represent the advanced technological building techniques and trial and error being used to build these vessels. Each House Flagship follows a unique technology upgrade path with emphasis in different technological areas and hence its abilities are quite different from that of another House Flagship. See Chapter 43 of Volume 5 in the Manowitz section for more information on the requirements of flagship upgrades and technology trees.
    Assault Lander
    Destroyer-class Flagship:
    I - Psy-Destroyer
    II - Psy-Destroyer II
    III - Meson Psy-Destroyer
    IV - Psyber Destroyer
    Juggernaut-class Flagship: I - Juggernaut
    II - Meson Juggernaut
    III - Meson Mega Juggernaut
    IV - Cyber Mega Juggernaut
    Corsair-class Flagship: I - Corsair
    II - Stealth Corsair
    III - Stealth Fusion Corsair
    IV - Cyber-Stealth Corsair
    Cruiser-class Flagship: I - Xeno Cruiser
    II - Fusion Xeno Cruiser
    III - Meson Xeno Cruiser
    IV - CyberMeson Xeno Cruiser
    Transporter-class Flagship: I - Transporter
    II - Fighter Transporter
    III - Fighter Bulk Transporter
    IV - Meson Squadron Transporter
    Spore-class Flagship: I - Nano Spore
    II - Viral Robo Spore
    III - Viral Cyborg Spore
    IV - Cyborg Morph-Spore
    Pod-class Flagship: I - Psy Pod
    II - PSymbiot Bio Pod
    III - PSymbiot Guardian Pod
    IV - PSymbiot Stealth Pod
    Man of War-class Flagship: I - Man of War
    II - Fusion Man of War
    III - Meson Man of War
    IV - Cyber-Stealth Man of War
    Cyber Mech-class Flagship: I - Cyber Mech
    II - Powered Cyber Mech
    III - Combat Cyber Mech
    IV - Bio-Assassin Cyber Mech
    Fighter/Bomber-class Flagship: I - Jump Fighter Bomber
    II - Fighter Divebomber
    III - Mastiff Missile Fighter
    IV - Cybermorph Stealth Mastiff
    House units:
  • Hover Tanker - Naval Carrier unit with hover capabilities. No offensive capability, meant to be used in Hover Naval unit assaults with aircraft.
  • Noblesse Elitesse - this unit completes the Noble class, allowing you to upgrade your Nobles to these units when the time comes. They have exceptional hand-to-hand and psychic attack capabilities.
  • Psy-master - another upgrade to the Noble, the Psy-master is as capable as a Blademaster in the Close Combat arts, while gaining a good Psychic Attack capability. Thanks to Joanne (VelaraDire@aol.com) for the ideas on a Psychic-attack capable Noble.
  • Trans-Orbital Shuttle - This is a 4 Cargo Capacity, Non-Jump Capable Space vessel that can be used to rapidly deploy forces within a planetary system. Thanks to Joanne (VelaraDire@aol.com) for the ideas on this one!
  • Added the Cybermorph Raider - the only large ship that combines stealth and agility, making it the ideal raider.
  • Added the Stealth and Cybermorph Space Freighters and the Cybermorph Assault Lander to complete those classes. Space Freighters, in particular, do not look appealing (but they are a lot better than they seem), so to make them more appealing, I've completed the class. - Thanks to Kent Matthew Peterson for helping me see this.
  • Naval Units: Gunboat, Advanced Gunboat, Naval Frigate, Guided Missile Frigate, Naval Cruiser, Guided Missile Cruiser, Meson Naval Cruiser, Special Operations Craft, Advanced Special Operations Craft - Thanks to Kent Matthew Peterson for his suggestions on the Gunboat!
  • Added the Hover Frigate and Cruiser and Jump Hover Frigate and Cruiser to round out the Hover Naval unit category. Thanks to Joanne (VelaraDire@aol.com) for her comments on the Hover Frigate and Jump Hover Frigate! Hover / Jump Frigates were added to the Vau Quick Mercy unit category, sliding the Vau Quick Mercy to slot #3 and the Hover / Jump Cruiser was added to the Vau War Skif, bumping the Hover / Jump Battleship to the Vau War Tower category, and bumping the corresponding Vau ships to slot #3 in their respective categories.
  • Added the Lander Carrier to the Naval Carrier category. This is a Lander-movement type Carrier that is meant to be the ultimate Air unit deployment platform. It requires the Naval Carrier as an input unit, and it must be upgraded at a Starport - which means you'll need a Starport on the coast. This unit replaces the Naval Escort Carrier. The Naval Escort Carrier could be loaded onto a Cargo Plane giving it unlimited range! So now no Naval Carrier units are loadable - Thanks to Joanne (VelaraDire@aol.com) for pointing this out!
  • Added Cybermorph Space units - Frigates, Bulk Haulers, Space Carriers, Destroyers, Vlad Cruisers, Dreadnoughts, and Space Torpedo Bombers can be upgraded to Cybermorph units. These units have high agility by combining Polymorphonic Carbon with Cyberpilots for very agile ships and the best pilots in the galaxy!
  • Added the Stealth Divebomber unit to complete the Divebomber unit class.
  • Added Morph Hover Tank units to round out those unit classes.
  • Added the Commando unit that requires the Rebel Partisan unit as an upgrade.
  • Added the Mech Commander unit as an upgrade to an Officer. Now you can use Mech Commanders in battles to increase your loyalty.
  • Deleted Units: Since the Disbanding Aircraft Bug has been fixed in EFS V1.4 beta, Aircraft no longer require an Aircraft Pilot as a Unit Prerequisite and so I've decided to disable the Aircraft Pilot Unit from being built, but it remains in UNIT.DAT to stay compatible with previous versions of Hyperion (this may change if I can think of a neat unit to take its slot!). The Flagship Artisan has been added in its place.
    Unit Modifications:
  • Space Carriers have had Direct (if they had it) moved over to Ranged Space.
  • Jump Hover units are now back in the Jump category and their statistics have been changed such that they are good space combat vessels. However, they have very low agility and hence should refrain from being used as a main attack force. You still must disband them back to the Hover form for use on ground assaults.
  • With the change made to the Alien Psychology tech requirement, Commando's and Xyll Warbeast's accuracy has gone up a hair.
  • The Colony Ship has been moved to slot #5 of the Assault Lander unit category. Since it is a good idea to disband the Colony Ship back to an Engineer when you want to build something, this forces the issue. Plus, now it looks like a real space ship, instead of an Engineer in space! The Colony Ship still remains in Engineer Slot #3 for compatibility with previous versions, but can no longer be built. I may add a new unit to this slot soon...
  • High-end Hover Tank units have had their total Structure Resource Requirement (Metal + Ceramsteel) reduced from 40 to 30 so that they are less massive than the Hover Frigate.
  • All PTS units have been changed so that they have an Air attack capability as their secondary attack mode.
  • Armor on a Plague Bomb is now zero - should make it more like an actual bomb and also make them most difficult to capture.
  • Shock Legions additionally require Advanced Nanotech as a technology requirement. This has the effect of increasing their accuracy in all attack modes. Before, Shock Legions were effectively acquired too soon after Assault Legions to make Assault Legions useful - Thanks to Kent Matthew Peterson for pointing this out!
  • Increased the agility of Symbiot and Vau space ships.
  • Non-PTS Submarines are back in the Naval Movement category (they are real Naval units again). The Naval movement category is hard-coded immune to Ranged Space and I modified it so that the only weapons that can hit them are Underwater and Psychic.
  • Chem Shock Legions require Genetic Manipulation instead of Ceramsteel as tech. This has caused their attack statistics to increase (making them more akin to the original Hyperion Chem Shock Legions), but I've moved their Indirect weaponry to Direct.
  • Gunships have had their Air attack capabilities removed. Now they are specifically anti-Naval and anti-Personnel units.
  • Plague Bombs, all Symbiot, and all Vau units are not effected by the plague.
  • With the addition of the new Naval units, I've redesigned most of the original Naval units.
  • With the addition of Hover Frigates and Cruisers, I've reassigned the Hover Naval unit combat capabilities.
  • Nobles and Blademasters now have better abilities - thanks to Kent Matthew Peterson for his suggestions here!
  • Rebel Artillery, Anti-Tank Guns, and Anti-Air Guns have had their Armor reduced from 60 to 30, Agility from 7 to 6, Spot from 12 to 6, and Camouflage from 11 to 5. Let's see how this works - thanks to Kent Matthew Peterson for his suggestions here.
  • Readjusted the base Camouflage of Foot units, now it is 4 instead of 6 - it seemed that Foot units had too high of a base Camouflage rating - Thanks again to Kent Matthew Peterson!
  • I reduced the damage of high-end Space Fighters from 75 to 50 so that they do slightly less damage.
  • Reduced the Camouflage rating of Freighters, Armored Freighters, Bulk Haulers, and Power Bulk Haulers in response to the changes made in UNITSPOT.DAT. They should also be a lot easier to see in space.
  • The Symbiot Space ships are all Jump again (except Pod Ship) because the AI will not attack with them when they were Lander movement class. I've also removed any of their ground combat abilities since they can't use these when they are Jump movement class.
  • I've also done the same thing with the Vau Space Ships.
  • Spies, Assassins, Dopplegangers, Saboteurs, and Officers are now built in Palaces.
  • Artillery, Anti-Tank Guns, and Anti-Aircraft units are now 1 turn to build, 3 movement, and have 2 Accuracy on their main attack (thanks to Kent Matthew Peterson for this one!). To accomplish this, they now use 5 less metal causing them to have 5 less armor.
  • Energy and Trace are now resources that can be used to increase movement & attack strength and accuracy of low-tech units, respectively, and so now a lot of the low-tech units use Energy and Trace in the resource requirement. Note that Energy does not show up as a unit resource requirement, but is still used.
  • Torpedo Bombers from the Martyr on up all have Psychic Attack Capabilities.
  • All Pyschic Attack units now have Gems as part of their unit requirements. This gives them a fairly high attack capability.
  • Space Fighters and Torpedo Bombers are now 2.5 times more expensive than they were before.
  • Flame Thrower Legions now only require Electronics, Composite Armor, and Psychosocial Engineering.
  • Fanatic Legions now only require Meditation and Pharmaceuticals.
  • Dervishes now only require Psychosonic Manipulation and Theurgy.
  • Wraith Space Marines now require Ranger Legion tech.
  • The base movement of all Foot units is now 3.
  • Naval units no longer consume food.
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