Emperor of the Fading Suns


Project Information

The EFS Editor is a project being created to suppliment the current Galaxy Editor. The original Galaxy Editor excels at placing planets and terrain; however, it falls signficantly short when it comes to managing all of the units and structures that can be added to a galaxy. The EFS Editor project is meant to fill in this gap, allowing the user to easily manage unit and structure information. Currently, the EFS Editor is still in its infancy, but it is stable and is able to read in Galaxy files, display the Starmap, as well as other things. Read about the current feature set in the Documentation. You can download the Editor below.
Mitchell Baldwin
Maciej Swierzewski
Matt Caspermeyer
The EFS Editor is the product of the people on the left. Mitchell has done the bulk of the groundwork to load galaxy files and display the information as well as interface all the components and the get the editor off the ground. Maciej has done the bulk of the work to get the EFS Editor to interface with the *.DAT files and the graphics files that are included with the game. Matt has done the bulk of the work on the Help file as well as testing editor releases and providing information and insight into the features needed to manage the voluminous unit and structure information contained in a galaxy.
File Description
InstallEFSEditor.zip (5,393 Kb) EFS Editor Full Install. Simply download and install! Please send us comments on what you think about the EFS Editor as well as ideas or any other information you'd like to share.
EFS Bpg 11-29-2000.zip (174 Kb) EFS Editor Source Code - for the main EFS Editor.
EFS DAT Comps 10-17-2000.zip (129 Kb) EFS Editor Source Code - for the components that the EFS Editor uses.
EFS Data 11-29-2000.zip (279 Kb) EFS Editor Source Code - for the data that the EFS Editor uses (including the *.DAT file readers).
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