Emperor of the Fading Suns



Holistic Design Designers of EFS. Both the Demo and the V1.4 Patch are available here!
Sean ONeal's Emperor of the Fading Suns Page Sean has created a great EFS page and soon his Dark Suns Project will be released! Click here to go to Sean's Main Page (BardicHeart.com).
Nova A very good user-designed patch for EFS created by Richard Wein, Dag Stålhandske, Jason Holbrook, Mike Nadeau, Klaus Borek, Chris Donovan, Ryan Montgomery. If you like to play multi-player games this is another great patch!
Sibling Sites
DaveO's Might and Magic Looting Lore My brother, Dave, has a Might and Magic Looting Lore Site. Here there is information regarding the popular Might and Magic series.
Cool Jerk's Fiction Dave also has a fictional story about DaveO the Minotaur on Cool Jerk's Fiction site - be sure to go to the stories section and read about DaveO the mighty minotaur!
Other Sites
Mateen's 3D Graphics Mateen Greenway created the Hyperion picture on the title page. Go here to see some awesome space art and 3D renderings!
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