Emperor of the Fading Suns


Reference - Unit Attack Modes: Air

Unit Underwater Indirect Air Direct Close Psychic
Jet-Propulsion Fighters   X X      
Divebomber   X X      
Gunship X     X X  
Atmos Fighter   X X      
Strategic Bmber   X W      
Cargo Plane            
Spy Plane     W      
Laser Fighter   X X      
Neutron Bomber   X W   X  
Killer Gunship X     X X  
Power Divebomber   X X      
*Laser Psy-Fighter   X X     X
*Killer Psy-Gunship X     X X X
Morph Fighter   X X      
Stealth Bomber   X W X    
Morph Divebomber   X X      
Morph Gunship X     X X  
Stealth Fighter   X X      
Stealth Spy Plane     W      
Stealth Divebomber   X X      
Stealth Gunship X     X X  
Stealth Neutron Bomber   X W   X  
*Stigmata MegaFortress     X X    
*Symbiot Spitter     X X X  
*Vau Fighter     X X   X
* Not Buildable
X Prime Attack Mode
W Weak Attack Mode
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