Emperor of the Fading Suns


Reference - Unit Attack Modes: Naval

Unit Underwater Indirect Air Direct Close Ranged Space
Naval Transport            
Gunboat     W X X  
Naval Frigate X   W      
Naval Destroyer X   X      
Naval Cruiser W   X      
Naval Battleship   X        
Aircraft Carrier     X      
Special Operations Craft   X   W    
Submarine X          
+Ballistic Submarine W         X
+Powered Armor Transport            
Advanced Gunboat     W X X  
Mini Submarine W         X
+Guided Missile Frigate X   W      
+Guided Missile Destroyer X   X      
+Guided Missile Cruiser W   X      
+Guided Missile Battleship   X        
+Battle Carrier     X      
+Meson Naval Destroyer W   W     X
+Meson Naval Cruiser W   X     X
+Meson Naval Battleship   X       X
+Meson Naval Carrier     X     X
+Morph Submarine X          
+Morph Missile Sub X         X
Advanced SOC   X   W    
+ Requires Input Unit
X Prime Attack Mode
W Weak Attack Mode
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