Emperor of the Fading Suns


Unit Attack Modes - Notes

The unit attack mode tables are a reference for what attack capabilities a unit has. The designation of the Prime, Moderate, and Weak attack modes are relative within *that* unit's attack modes *except* if the unit has only one attack mode. In this case, the attack mode designation is relative to that unit's movement group.
Also, these unit movement type classifications are based on the calculation formulas, and not what the unit type's actual movment type is. For example, Naval PTS units *must* be Crawler movement type in order to use PTS weapons, but they are listed under the Naval Movement class. This is noted in the tables.
  • Air
  • Crawler
  • Foot
  • Hover
  • Jump
  • Lander
  • Naval
  • Space
  • Tread
  • Wheel
  • Flagships
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