Emperor of the Fading Suns


Reference - Unit Attack Modes: Wheel

Unit Psychic Ranged Space Direct Space Close Space
Space Fighter     X  
Space Torp Bmbr   X    
Starbase X M    
Martyr Torp Bmbr W X    
Fusion Starbase X M    
Trans-Orbital Shuttle       W
Power Interceptor     X  
Meson Starbase X M    
Suicide Jump Bomber W X    
Holy Warrior X      
Stealth Interceptor     X  
Cyber Fighter     X  
Stealth Cyber Fighter     X  
Stealth Jump Bomber W X    
Imperial Assault Fighter M X    
Cybermorph Jump Bomber W X    
Space Marines       X
Phasing Starbase X M    
Wraith Space Marine       X
* Not Buildable
+ Requires Input Unit
X Prime Attack Mode
M Moderate Attack Mode
W Weak Attack Mode
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