Emperor of the Fading Suns


Reference - Unit Attack Modes: Tread

Unit Indirect Air Direct Close Psychic
SP Anti-Tank W   X    
SP Anti Air   X   W  
SP Artillery X W      
Anti-infantry Tank W     X  
Med Tank X   X X  
Tank Killer X   X    
+Assault Tank X   X X  
Scout Tank X   X X  
Rocket Art X W      
+Reaper Field Tank W     X  
+Hvy Tank Killer X   X    
Assault Gun X W      
+Grim Reaper Tank W     X  
*Heavy Psy-Tank Killer W   W   X
Mega Tank X   X X  
*Mega Psy-Tank X   X X X
Pestulator Artillery X W      
*Imperial Siege Tank X   X    
+Stealth Rocket Artillery X W      
+Stealth Tank X   X X  
+Stealth Assault Gun X W      
+Stealth Reaper W     X  
+Stealth Pestulator X W      
* Not Buildable
+ Requires Input Unit
X Prime Attack Mode
W Weak Attack Mode
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