Emperor of the Fading Suns


Hyperion Tips
This section discusses general tips for playing Hyperion games either via single player or multi-player via hot seat or PBEM.
  1. Capture as many cities as you can as fast as you can on planets where you own the Palace. The more cities you own, the more tax money you get on planets where you own the Palace.
  2. Raise your taxes such that your city loyalty is only 30% (make sure that you don't accidentally set it to a value below 25% or you'll be sorry). This will give you a nice income increase to manage the first few turns. Note though that you're production abilities will go way down, see tip 6 below. As you capture more cities and generate more income, you can start to decrease your tax rate, see tip 4 below.
  3. Once you have found all the cities on your homeworld, sell the map to the Vau. You'll get at least 2-4K Firebirds for it. Sell other planet maps as you see fit - if you have a shared planet, sell the map as soon as possible so that the other House(s) can't get the money. Sell maps that you know you'll get a good price for first, otherwise the Vau will tell you to begone!
  4. Decrease unit pay as needed (but don't let it go below 25%!) to get you a surplus of at least 1500 - 2000 Firebirds for the first few turns. Remember that you start with 2 Labs and so that is -1000 Firebirds right there with a net of about 500 Firebirds per turn. Also, having too much loyaly can also hurt you if you attack superior units and you can't inflict enough damage - you'll end up losing your entire stack so be careful if you have unit loyalty at or above 90%.
  5. Don't forget to set research at both of your starting Labs - the game will only show you the research screen for the Lab on Byzantium II. You'll have to go to the Lab on your homeworld and set its research, otherwise the game will never ask you.
  6. Buy Food from the League on all planets that you have units on that has an Agora. Try to buy Food every turn so that your people don't starve. Buy other resources as needed, but try not to blow all your money, though, by buying too many resources.
  7. Capturing all the Labs on your planet (or building new Labs) may not be a good idea at first since they each drain 500 Firebirds per turn from your treasury. You'll have to balance researching technology with not having too many Labs early - check your income, if you have plenty of surplus, then you can afford to captue (or build) another Lab.
  8. ***Corinthian Galaxy Only*** Don't send ships to Earth - the rebels have an advanced space fleet that will cut your beginning fleet to shreds if you send them there.
  9. If you haven't played a particular Hyperion Galaxy single player, be very careful sending your starting space fleet to unknown planets.
  10. Follow the Trait Rules below.
  11. If you need help with Hyperion or the Corinthian Galaxy, don't hesitate to send me an email - I can provide oodles of help.
  12. Since this is a beta test, the *.DAT files can be changed as I find problems with the patch or need to fix errors. Changes will only be applied by Li Halan at the beginning of a turn. All players will be informed of what the changes are and be asked to approve of the changes before we implement them.
  13. If you follow the above, you won't have to disband your starting space fleet.
  14. Loading a Noble aboard an Assault Lander and attacking cities with the Noble loaded aboard is a great way to capture quite a few cities at the beginning. Be careful, though not to attack cities that are too heavily defended otherwise you'll lose your Assault Lander and your Noble. You can also do this with an Officer if your loyalty is at least 70% (70+20=90% and no route).
  15. Aircraft and Naval units are much improved over previous versions of Hyperion. You'll find that they are worth the investment in turns. Be careful, though, Naval units and aircraft are expensive.
  16. Attack enemies with a fodder troop to spot all their units - this will go a long way in improving the effectiveness of your stacks against tough enemies.
  17. High Armor is very valuable - you'll find units with high armor are hard to damage / destroy.
  18. Likewise, high Agility is even more valuable, and if you have units that aren't spotted, +3 to Agility may make a difference between losing and victory. Try attacking Rebel Partisans with them unspotted and spotted and you'll notice a big difference in your success rate.
  19. Ruins and Alien Ruins are potentially very dangerous. Exercise extreme caution when attacking a Ruins because if you release the Symbiots you will be in dire straits. If you attack an Alien Ruins and release an Alien Phage Device you are in deep trouble.
  20. High-end units get very, very expensive, you'll have to be careful with capturing too many if you can't employ them to capture and attack other cities. Moral: use them or lose them!