Emperor of the Fading Suns


Hyperion Tutorial - A.D. 4957

A.D. 4957

Let’s start your next turn. You have finished building a Clergy on Kish. Click “OK” and let’s build another one.

The computer AI players may offer you money for technology; accept this since we need all the money we can get right now.

Let’s start with the Criticorum Rebel Mine that we bombarded last turn. Go to the Rebel Mine and right click on it.

Kish Rebel Mine Stack

Notice that some of the Rebel units may have left the Mine leaving it weaker to attack. Depending on who’s left, let’s get ready to capture this city. If the Officer and 2 Partisans are gone then the Mine should be pretty easy to take.

Go to your stack of the Bulk Hauler and 2 Landers.

Kish Stack near Well

Blast all 3 off into space. With the Bulk Hauler, land in the Farm you captured last turn. Load up the 4 least damaged units

Kish Landing in Captured Farm

(I have a Rebel ATG that is at 47% health, 1 Rebel Art with 87% health, and the rest of them 100% healthy, so the Rebel ATG is staying) and blast off into space. Your Bulk Hauler is out of movement, so split the 4 units amongst your two Landers.

Kish Transferring Cargo in Orbit

Drop down with the 2 Assault Landers and land southwest of the Rebel Mine.

Kish Landing Southwest of Rebel Mine

This time instead of 95% loyalty, we only have 45% loyalty, so some of our units may route when we attack. Unload all the units and attack the Rebel Mine with your 4 Rebel units (excluding the 2 Assault Landers).

Kish Attacking Rebel Mine

For now let’s leave these units alone (if any enemy Rebel units routed, be sure to capture them with one of your Rebel units and return to this hex).

Kish Capturing Routed Units

Go back into space and select your Vlad Cruiser. Bombard the rebel city that is southeast of your Palace (about a full screen and a half from your Palace).

Kish Bombarding Rebel Farm

If you did not destroy the ATG, click "Bombard Again" and then click "Combat Done". If you destroyed the ATG in one attack, click “Combat Done”. Go to that city and right click on it.

Kish Rebel Farm Stack

This city has 3 Militia Lgns (you should have been able to destroy the ATG).

Select your Vlad Cruiser again and have it jump to Criticorum – we’re going to prepare to capture cities on this planet next turn. Select one of your Assault Landers southwest of the captured Kish Mine

Kish Assault Landers near Captured Mine

and have it also jump to Criticorum. Go to Criticorum and transfer the 2 Power Lgns from the Freighter to the Assault Lander

Criticorum Transferring Cargo

and have the empty Freighter return to Byzantium II.

There is at least 1 Officer, 2 Partisans, and 1 SP Artillery on the loose on Kish and so we’ll have to be mindful of these units. Let’s start cycling through some of your units. Return to Kish and go to the Farm you captured the previous turn (the one near the Well).

Kish Captured Farm and Well

If there are any units around the Farm that you captured last turn, move them into the Farm and then Sentry the entire Farm stack (I captured 1 SP Artillery last turn and moved them with my 1 Rebel ATG with 47% Health into the Farm).

Next, let’s move all the stacks surrounding the Well we captured last turn into the Well. I had 1 Medium Tank in the Well, 1 Medium Tank and 1 Scout Tank in the hex northeast of the Well, and I captured 0 units last turn (you may have captured some units). If you captured any Rebel units last turn, look at the loyalty of these units. Note that their loyalty is 25%. This means we cannot drop our Unit Pay any more without these units routing. Sentry the entire stack.

Keep Sentrying stacks until you get to the Clergy in the Church.

Kish Church Stack

We’re going to do something with this unit next turn and the other Clergy that we’re currently building so for now skip this unit. Keep Sentrying units until you get to your scouting units on Byzantium II. For me the first unit selected is a Rebel Flak unit northwest of my Fort. Move it southwest.

Byzantium II Moving Rebel Flak #1 Southwest

Do the same thing with the next unit selected (the Rebel ATG).

Byzantium II Moving Rebel ATG #1 Southwest

Keep scouting with the other units as you see fit.

If you get the end turn message, be sure to say “No”.

You should have spotted an Agora on Byzantium II,

Byzantium II Spotted Agora

let’s go there and purchase 200 Metal. Leave the Cargo Pod where it is.

Again, let’s build some units, purchasing the resources from the Agora as we go. Return to Kish and go to the Factory. Build a Freight Hauler (we should have plenty of resources for this one). Go to the Palace and build on Officer Corp, purchasing the required resources from the League (64 Firebirds). End your turn.

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