Emperor of the Fading Suns


Hyperion Tutorial - A.D. 4959

A.D. 4959

Letís begin your next turn! Build another Infantry Legion on Byzantium II. Build another Flame Thrower Legion on Kish, another Infantry Legion on Kish, another Fanatic, and another Officer Corp.

All the other Houses accepted my offer for maps (hurray!).

Again, accept offers to exchange Tech for Firebirds.

Letís start with the stack of units in your new Kish Mine or in the hex southwest of it. Load your two healthiest Rebel units

Loading Mine Units aboard Assault Lander

aboard your Assault Lander (I selected 1-84% Healthy Rebel Flak and 1-92% Healthy Rebel Art) and jump into space.

There is a Rebel Farm southeast of your Palace about a screen and a half away (the one you bombarded last turn).

Kish Landing Southwest of Rebel Farm

Land southwest of the Rebel Farm, unload all your units, and blast off into space. Select your Bulk Hauler (either in the Mine or on the ground southwest of the Mine), load all armored units aboard

Kish Loading Mine Units aboard Bulk Hauler

and go into space. If you have Rebel units (I have 2 Rebel Art) transfer the 2 healthiest

Kish Transferring Cargo in Orbit

to your Lander (I have 1-74% Healthy Rebel Art and 1-46% Healthy Rebel Art) and land the Bulk Hauler in the Lab.

Kish Landing in Lab

If you have any units aboard your Bulk Hauler, unload them.

Return to space above Kish, select your loaded Shuttle, and land in the hex southwest of the Rebel Farm that is to the southeast a ways from your Palace (where you landed with the Assault Lander earlier this turn).

Kish Attacking Rebel Farm Stack

Unload all of your units and attack the Rebel Farm.

Kish Battle our Stack Kish Battle Rebel Stack

Ouch! A Rebel Partisan was in that stack!

Capture any units if they routed,

Kish Captured Rebel Stack

and move your most wounded unrouted units into the Farm, leaving at least 1 unit with your Assault Lander.

Letís return to Criticorum. Select your Vlad Cruiser and bombard the planet,

Criticorum Bombarding Rebel Chemicals Plant

attacking the northeast city in the cluster of 4 cities (this is somewhat of a gamble, as there may be PTS weapons below!). This city is a Chemicals plant with

Criticorum Rebel Chemicals Stack

2 Soldier Lgns, 1 Flak, 1 ATG, and 2 Artillery (I destroyed 1 ATG during bombardment). Letís next attack the city located in the southeast of this cluster of 4 cities with our Vlad Cruiser.

Criticorum Rebel Ceramsteel Stack

This next city is a Ceramsteel Plant with 1 Soldier Lgn, 1 Flak, 1 ATG, and 2 Artillery (I damaged 1 ATG with my Vlad Cruiser). Next letís attack the city northwest in the cluster with our Vlad Cruiser. Yow! This city has 2 PTS Laser Cannons, fortunately my Cruiser was not lost (knocked down to 75% Health).

Criticorum Rebel Palace Stack

This city has 12 units: 1 Noble, 2 PTS Laser Cannons, 3 Heavy Infantry, 1 Flak, 1 Rebel Flak, 1 ATG, 1 Artillery, and 2 Rebel Art. This city is going to be a tough one to capture.

Letís try to capture the Rebel Mine on Criticorum. Select your Freighter and land in the Criticorum Farm you captured last turn. Load all of your units onto the Lander and Freighter

Criticorum Loading Captured Farm Units

and blast off into space. Select only your Assault Lander, land north of the Mine,

Criticorum Landing North of Rebel Mine

and unload all your units. Return to space and transfer the Freighterís units to the Assault Lander

Criticorum Transferring Cargo in Orbit

and land in the same spot.

Criticorum Landing North of Rebel Mine

Select your Freighter and have it return to Byzantium II. Letís take a look at the Rebel Mine on Criticorum.

Criticorum Rebel Mine Stack

There are 2 Militia and 1 damaged Artillery (62%) this should be an easy battle. Unload all your units, select all your units (the Assault Lander has 0 movement and so will not attack),

Criticorum Attacking Rebel Mine Stack

and attack the Mine (if any units routed be sure to capture them).

Criticorum after Rebel Mine Battle

Make sure all your units stay with your Assault Lander.

If you captured any units next to the Farm on Criticorum last turn, move them into your Farm and Sentry to the next unit. If your next unit is on Byzantium II start scouting with your units, but letís have 2 of them start returning to the Fort. Next keep Sentrying units until we get to the end turn screen and say ĒNoĒ.

Go to Kish planetside and right click on your Shield city and click ďBuildĒ. Our Engineer is almost done. Letís build an Engineer in your Lab (you should have enough resources).

Next letís take a look at the maps we collected. Go to Hazatís homeworld of Aragon

Aragon Agora

and right click on the Agora located on their homeworld. It has 200 Metal available - letís purchase it! Next letís go to Severus and purchase 200 Metal from their Agora.

Severus Agora

Next letís go to Delphi and purchase another 200 Metal from their Agora.

Delphi Agora

We now have enough Metal to build another Engineer! Go to your Chemicals plant on Kish and start building an Engineer in that city. Next select both of your Mines on Kish and build either an Artillery, Anti-tank Gun, or Anti-Aircraft (your choice) in each (Iíd probably go with 1 ATG and 1 Artillery since we have not come across any enemy aircraft yet).

If you would like, take a look at any other ships orbiting your planets and if you see something new, look at in the Archives.

End your turn when youíre done.

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