Emperor of the Fading Suns


Hyperion Tutorial - A.D. 4960

A.D. 4960

Letís begin your turn! Continue building Infantry in your Byzantium II and Kish Forts, your choice of Anti-aircraft, Anti-tank Guns, or Artillery in your Mines, Flame Thrower Legions in Wells, in your Factory build either an Anti-infantry Tank or Tank Killer (Iím going to build the Anti-infantry Tank), a Fanatic in your Church, build nothing in your Shield City, and another Officer Corp in your Palace.

Keep accepting Firebirds for Tech.

Letís start with your Freighter above Byzantium II. Drop down and retrieve 2 more Power Lgns from your Fort

Byzantium II Loading Fort Units

and return to Criticorum.

Take a look at the Mine on Criticorum. There are two possibilities:

  1. The Mine is still in our hands
  2. The Mine has been recaptured

Our next actions depend on 1 or 2 above, but the end result is that we want our units to end up defending the Mine. If the Mine hasn't been captured then the decision is easy - just move all the units into the Mine. If the Mine has been recaptured, then we have a much more interesting decision. I'm going to leave the decision making largely up to you, but I'll tell you my thought process for what I'm about to do.

At the beginning of the turn I was given a combat summary where I was attacked by a Rebel Unit:

Criticorum Rebel Battle, Rebel Stack Criticorum Rebel Battle, our Stack

Both units routed, which is interesting, but I think this Rebel Unit must have attacked me from the Mine after it was recaptured because I have a unit that is 2 hexes south of the Farm.

Criticorum Around Rebel Mine

If I inspect the recaptured Mine, it has one Rebel Art (70%) that is spotted:

Criticorum Rebel Mine Stack

At this point I don't know whether the unit is alone or has another one with it, but I suspect that it is alone since I was attacked by only a single unit during the Rebel's turn and it routed. But there is only one way to be certain and that is bombardment. But I'd really like to capture this unit if I can.

I'm not going to risk losing my units if there is a powerful hidden unit, so I'm going to bombard from space. The Rebel Art was alone, but I destroyed it from orbit so I won't be able to capture it, but that is okay. I moved the rest of my units into the Mine. Select all units and skip to the next group.

The next group (or unit in this case) is my scouting Rebel Artillery, etc. on Byzantium II. Keep scouting with 4 of them but have the other 2 continue to return to your Fort. When youíre done moving your scouts on Byzantium II, Sentry units until you get to your Aircraft on Kish. Have it explore the area northeast of your Factory.

Kish Moving Aircraft Northeast

Next Sentry units until you get to your Engineer.

We really could use some Chemicals, but there is Chemicals plant on Criticorum that I think we can get next turn. Plus we seem to be doing okay as far as Chemicals are concerned with buying them from the League, so letís build another Electronics Plant southeast of your Palace.

Kish Building Electronics Plant

Go back to Criticorum and take a look at the Rebel Chemicals stack:

Criticorum Rebel Chemicals Plant Stack

This stack is not too bad except for the Soldier Lgns. We're going to need some high accuracy units to aid in defeating this stack.

Go back to Kish and assemble 6 units aboard your Bulk Hauler and Assault Lander that we're going to send to Criticorum to aid us in capturing the Chemicals Plant. Send the fully loaded Bulk Hauler and Assault Lander to Criticorum once you've decided on which units to send. As an example take a look at the Group I sent:

Criticorum Orbiting Stack

Go back to Kish and finish moving your remaining units as you see fit. I had units surrounding the Farm I captured last turn so I moved them into the Farm.

Kish Moving 1st Stack into Farm

Select your Vlad Cruiser orbiting Criticorum and letís attack the city by itself southeast of the Ceramsteel Plant.

Criticorum Bombarding Planet

Letís take a look at the city you just attacked.

Criticorum Rebel Fort Stack

It is a Rebel Fort that has 2 Soldier Lgns, 3 Rebel Flak, 1 Rebel ATG, and 2 Rebel Art. This is going to be another tough city to capture.

Select your Vlad Cruiser and depending on whether it has 1 or 2 movement points, have it either land in your Mine on Criticorum, or have it attack the Well first, and then land in the Mine in Criticorum.

Criticorum Landing in Captured Mine

Continue skipping units until you get the end turn message and say ďNoĒ.

Go to Istakhr and purchase 200 Metal from the Agora there.

Purchasing Metal from Istakhr Agora

Letís take a look at all the Agoras and see if any of them have been restocked. One of the Agoras on Byzantium II and another one on Delphi have been restocked with Metal. With the Metal available at Istakhr, we have enough to purchase for another Engineer. So letís do it! After you have purchased the Metal, build another Engineer in your Shield city on Kish.

Depending on how many technologies the computer House players have offered you, we may be starting to get a little low on money, letís see if the Vau are interested in any maps. Sell them the map of Criticorum (651 Firebirds or so).

If you can afford it, decrease your Tax by 5% (2 clicks is 6%) Ė weíre trying to get our facility collection and production up to 100%.

When you are done, end your turn.

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