Emperor of the Fading Suns


Hyperion Tutorial - A.D. 4961

A.D. 4961

Keep building units as you see fit in your cities, although I recommend not building any more Artillery, etc. in Mines Ė letís save our Metal.

Again, accept Firebirds for Technology.

Letís prepare to attack the Criticorum Chemicals Plant we bombarded a few turns ago.

Criticorum Rebel Chemicals Plant Stack

They have 2 Soldier Lgns, 1 Flak, and 2 Artillery. Go to your Criticorum Mine and load 2 units that you think are best suited for this attack aboard your Assault Lander and send it into space.

Land your 2 Assault Landers and Freighter in the hex northeast of the Chemicals Plant.

Criticorum Landing Northeast of Rebel Chemicals Plant

Unload all your units and return all 3 space craft to orbit. Send the Freighter to Kish and transfer the 4 Bulk Hauler units to your 2 Assault Landers and send the Bulk Hauler to Byzantium II. Select your 2 Assault Landers and land in the hex northeast of the Rebel Chemicals Plant.

Criticorum Landing Norteast of Rebel Chemicals Plant

Unload all your units and attack with all units except your 2 Assault Landers.

Criticorum Attack Rebel Chemicals Plant Stack

You should have won the battle (if any units route, be sure to capture them). Load your 2 most heavily damaged units aboard your Assault Lander (the one with 1 movement point), move them into the Chemicals Plant, and unload all your units. Notice that the city in the middle is a Factory, weíll be working on getting ready to attack this city next turn. Even out your forces as best as you can to protect both the Assault Lander in the Chemicals Plant and the one in the hex northeast of it.

Letís build a Militia in the Chemicals Plant. Launch your Vlad Cruiser and have it return to Kish. Go to Byzantium II and continue scouting with your units, but have 1 more start to return to the Fort. Once youíre done scouting, keep Sentrying or skipping units until you get to your Jet-propulsion Fighter.

Kish Moving Aircraft to Mine

Have it fly to your Mine to the east (the one that we captured a few turns back). Keep Sentrying or skipping units until you get to the end turn message and say ďNoĒ.

Survey the Agoras and see if you can purchase enough Metal for another Engineer. If you can then build another Engineer in one of your cities.

Depending on whether the computer Houses have been trading you technologies, we may be still losing some money (I have 6161 Firebirds, so Iím hanging in there), but letís see if weíll get some more offers next turn.

When youíre done, end your turn.

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