Emperor of the Fading Suns


Hyperion Tutorial - A.D. 4962

A.D. 4962

Keep building units as you see fit, but build either a Tank Killer or Anti-infantry Tank (I'm going to build a Tank Killer since I built an Anti-Infantry Tank last time) in your Factory and another Militia on Criticorum.

If you continue to get offers for Firebirds for Techs keep doing it.

Let’s go to your stack northeast of the Chemicals Plant on Criticorum. Load up 4 of your best units onto your 2 Shuttles in your 2 stacks

Criticorum Loading Chemicals Plant Units

Criticorum Loading Units Northeast of Chemicals Plants

and blast off into space. Land next to the Rebel Well in the southwest hex,

Criticorum Landing Southwest of Rebel Well

unload all your units, and return both Assault Landers to space.

Go to Byzantium II and land your Bulk Hauler in your Fort. Load 4 of your best units aboard (if you have a Rebel unit returning to the Fort get it back there if you want to load it aboard).

Byzantium II Loading Fort Units

Return the Bulk Hauler to Criticorum and transfer the 4 units between your 2 Assault Landers.

Criticorum Transfer Cargo in Orbit

Land your 2 Assault Landers in the hex southwest of the Rebel Well.

Criticorum Landing Southwest of Rebel Well

Unload all your units, select all,

Criticorum Attack Rebel Well Stack

and attack the Rebel Well. You should have no problems defeating the Rebels. If any units route be sure to capture them and move 4 of the most wounded units into the Well leaving the rest to protect your 2 Assault Landers.

Select your newly built Militia and have it move towards the Factory.

Criticorum Moving Militia towards Rebel Factory

Move or Skip units as you see fit until you get to your scouting units on Byzantium II and have them continue to scout.

Skip to your Aircraft on Kish and having it fly directly to your other Mine.

Kish Moving Aircraft towards Mine

Kish Moving Aircraft towards Mine

Keep Sentrying or skipping units until you get to your Cruiser. Have it land in your Palace.

Kish Landing in Palace

Select your Freighter orbiting Kish and have it land in the Factory.

Kish Landing in Factory

Move a Fanatic from your Church to the Factory and load it and (depending on what you built) the Anti-Infantry Tank or Tank Killer aboard your Freighter.

Kish Loading Factory Units

Send the loaded Freighter back to Criticorum and continue Sentrying or skipping units until you get to the end your turn screen and say “No”.

If you didn’t purchase enough Metal to build an Engineer last turn, then scour the Agoras and purchase 200 Metal and build one this turn. Next, go to the first Electronics Plant you built on Kish and click “Build”. Notice that next turn we will finish building an Engineer. The same is true with your Lab.

Click end your turn when you are done looking at your cities.

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