Emperor of the Fading Suns


Hyperion Tutorial - A.D. 4963

A.D. 4963

Parapsychology has been completed! Go to the Applied Techs and select Viper Militia.

Continue producing units as you see fit. When you come to the cities building Engineers, select None for those cities. When you get to your Chemicals Plant on Criticorum that was building the Militia, have it stop building as well.

Keep accepting the computer House offers for exchange of Firebirds for Tech.

Go to your stack of units southwest of the Well you captured last turn and load your 4 best units aboard (use units from the Well if you had injured units route last turn and they are not 100% healthy).

Criticorum Loading Units near Captured Well

Launch the 2 Assault Landers into space.

Select your Militia approaching the Rebel Factory and have it attack the Factory.

Criticorum Moving Militia towards Factory

Right click on the Factory stack.

Criticorum Rebel Factory Stack

It has 1 Militia, 1 Soldier Lgn, 2 Flak, 3 ATG, 1 Artillery, and 1 Rebel Art. Let's see if we can scrape together enough units to attack the Factory.

Go into orbit and transfer your 4 units from your 2 Assault Landers to your Bulk Hauler,

Criticorum Transferring Cargo

land your Bulk Hauler and Freighter in your Chemicals Plant, and unload all the units. Select 1 of your Assault Landers and have it return to your Criticorum Mine and pick up your 2 healthiest units.

Criticorum Loading Mine Units

Blast off into space and have your other Assault Lander land in the Well and load aboard its 2 healthiest units.

Criticorum Loading Well Units

Blast off into space, go to your Chemicals Pant and move the Cargo Pod out of the city (to free up a slot so we can land in the city), and have both Assault Landers land in your Chemicals Plant (if you still don't have the room, then pick your slowest moving units and move them out of the city until you have the room). Select all healthy (greater than 70% health) units that have 5 or greater movement points and move them towards the Rebel Factory.

Criticorum Stack Moving towards Rebel Factory

When you get to the Factory, attack it with your stack of units.

Criticorum Attacking Rebel Factory Stack

You should be victorious - be sure to capture any routed units and move all units that can into the captured Factory. Select your Cargo Pod (and any other units you moved out of the Chemicals Plant to make room) and move them back to the Chemicals Plant and then select your Bulk Hauler and Freighter and jump them to Kish. Return to Criticorum and build a Freight Hauler in your Factory.

Next continue scouting on Byzantium II. Skip units until you get to your Aircraft, have it fly to the Mine,

Kish Moving Aircraft towards Mine

and continue skipping units until you get to your first new Engineer. We need to start producing some Biochems, but we don’t have any Exotica. That’s okay, we’ll buy from the League to support our Biochem production. Build a Biochem Plant with your second Engineer wherever you want in a non-shielded hex.

Kish Built Biochems Plant

Let’s purchase 10 Exotica (they’re expensive!) from the League Agora on Kish and move them into your Church. Continue skipping units until you get to your next Engineer and right click on the Chemicals icon at the bottom of the screen. With the construction of the Biochems plant, we’re consuming 10 out of the 15 Chemicals we’re producing. Let’s build Chemicals Plant in an unshielded hex.

Kish Built Chemicals Plant

Keep skipping units until the end turn message and say “No”.

Let’s see if we can scrounge up 400 Metal (don't forget to look in your own Agora). If you can, build another Engineer at your new Chemicals Plant on Kish.

I got offered quite a bit of Firebirds for technology this turn and now have 11009 Firebirds. This is pretty good, but let's hold off doing anything with unit pay for right now.

Go to your Well on Criticorum and build a Gunboat.

When you’re done, end your turn.

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