Emperor of the Fading Suns


Hyperion Tutorial - A.D. 4964

A.D. 4964

Keep cranking out units as you see fit, when you get to your Shield that has finished producing the Engineer, select None. When you get to your Factory on Criticorum have it build a Jet-Propulsion Fighter.

The Houses are clambering for votes, but let’s not give in to their desires. If you are offered more money for technologies, accept.

Let’s go to your Factory on Criticorum and move any remaining units around the Factory into the Factory.. If a unit has 75% health or greater and has the movement, move it down to the hex northwest of the Ceramsteel Plant.

Criticorum Attacking Ceramsteel Plant Stack

Attack the Rebel Ceramsteel Plant with this stack. You should easily defeat the Rebels, capture any routed units and move all units that can into the Ceramsteel Plant. Select your 2 Assault Landers in the Chemicals Plant and have them jump to Kish. Go back to the Chemicals Plant on Criticorum and select any remaining units except Cargo Pods and your Militia and move them towards your Factory.

Criticorum Moving Chemicals Stack towards Factory

Next take your Freight Hauler, move to your stack that is moving towards your Factory from the Chemicals Plant,

Criticorum Moving Freighter Hauler North

load the 2 most severely damage units aboard,

Criticorum Loading Units from Chemicals Plant

move them to the Factory,

Criticorum Moving Freight Hauler South

and unload them.

Next, go to Kish and take a look at your Vlad Cruiser in your Palace. If it has 90% Health or better, select it and have it jump to Malignatius. Next, select your Bulk Hauler orbiting Kish and have it land in the Well. Select your 4 best units, load them aboard,

Kish Loading Well Units

and jump to Malignatius. Select your Freighter orbiting Kish and land in the Factory. Move 1 of your Fanatics from your Church to the Factory and load it and (again depending on what you built) either a Tank Killer or Anti-Infantry Tank aboard your Freighter.

Kish Loading Factory Units

Send the loaded Freighter to Malignatius.

Continue skipping your units until you get to your units on Byzantium II and have them continue to scout or return to your Fort.

Sentry or skip units until you get to your Jet-propulsion Fighter. Have it scout around as you see fit. Continue to skip units until you get to your Engineer that you built in the Shield City. Have it build a Starport in the shielded hex southwest of your Shield.

Kish Building Starport

Right click on the Starport and select “Build”. As yet, we cannot produce any special units.

Continue to Sentry or skip units until you get to your Gunboat in your Well. Gunboats are small naval vessels that can be used to scout and attack coastlines (they have Air, Direct, and Close combat abilities). Move your Gunboat southeast into the water and have it scout along the shore.

Criticorum Moving Gunboat Northeast

I decided to send it northeast and north to the northmost water hex. Just north of that hex there is a Ruin. Have it continue to scout along the coast. Skip the rest of your units until you get the end your turn message and say “No”.

Let’s take a look at our resource collection. We’re harvesting around 351 points of Food or so, and eating 313 points. We’re collecting 118 points of Energy or so while consuming 105 points. We’re bringing in 126 Metal, 75 Trace while consuming 30 of it. We’re not harvesting any Exotica, so let’s buy 5 more units from the League Agora. We’re producing 23 Chemicals while consuming 20, producing 14 Biochems, and 25 Electronics. We just captured a Ceramsteel plant and so are producing 20 points of Ceramsteel. We're also down to our last Gem. If you can afford it, purchase 10 more Gems in the Agora.

Let’s take a look at Malignatius. There is a cluster of 3 cities around the middle left of the map

Malignatius Cluster of 3 Cities

and another 2 clusters of 3 and 2 cities on the middle right of the map.

Malignatius Cluster of 3 Cities

Malignatius Cluster of 2 Cities

This should give us some ideas of how we’re going to assault this planet next turn.

Let’s pull up the House dialogue. We’re still at a slight loss in Firebird production, but depending on the computer Houses we may have quite a bit of Firebirds (I have 12357).

Let’s see if we can sell some more maps to the Vau. Click on Kish and sell the map to the Vau (350 Firebirds or so) and also the map for Byzantium II (996 Firebirds or so). I also sold them the map for Criticorum, but got only 75 Firebirds. Let’s also sell them the computer House Homeworld maps. Delphi (882), Aragon (1360), Severus (1064), Istakhr (1360). The amounts you get may differ, but we should be able to easily generate 4000 – 6000 Firebirds.

With this, you should be able to increase your unit pay 10%. Go ahead and do that, then end our turn.

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