Emperor of the Fading Suns


Hyperion Tutorial - A.D. 4965

A.D. 4965

Itís time to vote Ė vote for yourself.

Build units as you see fit.

Reject any House offers for votes at the next election.

Select your Vlad Cruiser orbiting Malignatius and bombard the southeast city in the cluster of 2 cities located in the far right middle of the map.

Malignatius Bombarding Planet

This city is an Arborium that contains

Malignatius Rebel Arborium Stack

3 Miltia, 1 ATG, 1 Flak, and 1 Artillery (I destroyed the ATG during bombardment). Next, letís attack the northwest city in this cluster.

Malignatius Bombarding Planet

This city is a Mine with

Maliginatius Rebel Mine Stack

2 Militia, 1 Soldier Lgn, 1 Rebel Art, and 1 Artillery. If there are any House ships orbiting Malignatius, take a look at them if you wish.

Next bombard the southeast city that is located in the cluster of 3 cities just southwest of the cluster of 2 cities.

Malignatius Bombarding Planet

This city is a Fusorium with

Malignatius Rebel Fusorium Stack

2 Infantry, 1 Militia, 1 ATG, and 1 Artillery (I destroyed the ATG).

Select your Bulk Hauler and Freighter and land them southeast of the Arborium.

Malignatius Landing Southeast of Rebel Arborium

Unload all your units and attack the Agora with all but your Bulk Hauler and Freighter. You should have no problems defeating the Rebel Stack. Move all your units into the Arborium (if any of your units routed load them aboard your Freighter or Bulk Hauler) and land both the Freighter and Bulk Hauler into the Arborium. Be sure to unload all units aboard your Freighter or Bulk Hauler before continuing.

Go to Kish and find 4 units that you can load aboard your 2 Assault Landers and send the loaded Assault Landers to Malignatius.

Malignatius Orbiting Stack

Next go to Criticorum and take a look at the Rebel Palace.

Criticorum Rebel Palace Stack

Since there is a Noble in the stack, this group will not route, plus the Heavy Infantry Lgns, Rebel Flak, and 2 Rebel Art are going to make this stack particularly difficult to destroy, so weíre going to need a stack of pretty close to 20 units.

Move any units involved in the Ceramsteel attack last turn to the Factory. Move any other units that are moving towards the Factory into the Factory. Take a look at your Factory stack.

Criticorum Factory Stack

Make sure there aren't any other units in your Chemicals Plant

Criticorum Chemicals Plant Stack

or your Ceramsteel Plant

Criticorum Ceramsteel Plant Stack

I have a Rebel Soldier Legion that I've captured that I'm going to to use instead of one of my Factory units. I'm going to move the ATG from the Factory (with the help of my Freight Hauler) to the Ceramsteel Plant so that my Soldier Lgn can join the group. I'm going to start to move all of my 100% healthy units to the hex southeast of the Palace so that I can make some room for the Factory unit that I'm building.

Criticorum Stack Moving towards Palace

Skip units until you get to your Gunboat and have it continue to scout along the shore.

Criticorum Moving Gunboat Criticorum Continuing to Move Gunboat

Continue skipping units until you get to your scouting units on Byzantium II. Continue with these units as you see fit, but once youíve scouted the entire planet, return to your Fort.

Continue moving units as you see fit until you get to your fresh-built Engineer in the Electronics Factory. Letís build a Lab in the Hex underneath the shield.

Kish Building Lab

Continue to move units as you see fit (move some into your new Lab) until you get the end turn message and say ďNoĒ.

Letís buy another 5 Exotica from the Agora. Check to see if you can purchase enough Metal for another Engineer and pick a city on Kish (I picked the Shield City) to build it.

When youíre done, end your turn.

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