Emperor of the Fading Suns


Hyperion Tutorial - A.D. 4966 - 4970

A.D. 4966

At this stage in the tutorial, events in your game may start to significantly deviate from what is in this tutorial, so I'm going to start concentrating less on the details for the rest of the tutorial and provide more aid in selecting the technologies and units to construct.

Letís begin your next turn.

We now have research points available in our second Lab. We are close to completing Viper Militia, so now we need to decide what weíre going to be researching next. Letís research Electron Microscopes so that we can get closer to researching Ceramsteel.

Viper Militia has been completed! Letís select Electron Microscopes for this Lab as well.

Keep building units as you see fit - we'll start building Viper Militia as soon as we get the opportunity.

Depending on what happened with the election, there may or may not be a Regent, but since we voted for ourselves it is most likely that we did not get the Regency. If you did get the Regency, then assign the Ministry posts as you see fit.

Again if there is an offer to exchange Firebirds for technologies, letís accept.

Letís start building some Viper Militia! Go to one of your Farms on Kish, click ďBuildĒ, and notice that there are 3 new units available: Security Specialist, Sniper Legion, and Fertilizer Specialist. Take a look at the statistics for all 3 units. Notice that each of these units is specialized for a certain function. Security Specialists have all their attack in Air, Sniper Legions have all their attack in Close, Fertilizer Specialists have all their attack in Indirect, and also note that Security Specialists have 9 spotting and the Snipers have 10 Camouflage. The Security Specialist and Sniper Legion require quite a bit of electronics. Fortunately, we have plenty for right now. Letís start building Viper Militia in your Farms. To start, letís build one of each in the 3 Farms on Kish. You have 1 more Farm left on Kish, letís build another Fertilizer Specialist there, since they donít require Electronics. Next, letís go to the Farm on Criticorum and build another Fertilizer Specialist. Weíre done building Viper Militia for now.

Capture the Rebel Mine on Malignatius as you see fit.

Select your Cruiser orbiting Malignatius. Bombard cities on Malignatius as you see fit, but be mindful that there may be PTS weaponry below. Note the stacks of units in each city and start to devise a strategy for capturing them. If you have remaining movement, you can either stay here or look for other planets to bombard. I'm going to jump my Cruiser towards Rampart via Kish since I only bombarded two cities.

If you've discovered cities on Malignatius that you think you can capture this turn, you might want to give it a shot.

Continue to move units according to your plans until you get to your Gunboat on Criticorum. Have it continue to scout the coast and then have it return to the Well when you're done. If we could move the Gunboat to the Mine, it could plop in the water there and do some more exploring of the coastline. Maybe in a few turns we'll be able to do that.

Survey your stack of units in the Criticorum Factory. Gauge how many more turns it will be before you can attack the Palace with 16+ units. Scout with your Aircraft as you see fit.

Continue skipping units until you get the end turn message and say ďNoĒ.

At this point in time you may be wondering why we are building so many Officers. Go to Volume 5 and go to Spies and Assassins (4th down on the left). Notice that Officers are input units to Spies, and so we will be converting some of our Officers to Spies in the future. Also, if we can increase Unit Loyalty 15%, then we can add Officers to stacks to decrease the routing of our units. We will try to do this in the next couple of turns.

Keep purchasing resources as needed from the League to produce Engineers and keep the Biochems production going by buying more Exotica. Also, if you captured the Fusorium this turn, 10 of your Electronics production is going to be used in producing Monopols and so you may want to purchase Electronics from the League. Also look at your Chemicals supply and demand (don't forget to account for units). In my game, I'm producing only a surplus of 5 Chemicals and I only have 4 on hand. I'm going to be short next turn, so I'm going to purchase some from the League as well.

When your done accounting for resource deficiencies and strategizing your next moves, end your turn.

A.D. 4967

Keep building units as you see fit. When you get to your Farms, let's think about which Viper Militia we should be building. Security Specialists have good Air Attack and great spotting. So far, though, we haven't seen any enemy Aircraft, so let's concentrate on building Snipers and Fertilizer Specialists for now. Also, you may want to construct a Gunboat in the Kish Well because it can be used to scout the coasts on Malignatius.

Continue to move units according to your plans. I'm going to send my Cruiser to Rampart so that I can bombard cities there next turn. I'm also going to load some units aboard my Bulk Hauler and send them to Rampart as well.

Move units as you wish. If you built an Engineer this turn, then we now have an interesting decision to make. Take a look at your resource collection and production. I'm harvesting 437 points of Food and consuming 379 (plenty there), harvesting 118 points of Energy, but consuming 105 (I'm pretty close to losing my surplus here). I'm bringing in 149 points of Metal and harvesting 77 Trace while consuming 53 (getting close here, too). I'm harvesting 0 Exotics but consuming 5, producing 26 Chemicals and consuming 20, producing 18 Biochems and consuming none, and producing 28 points of Electronics and consuming 10. I'm producing 20 Ceramsteel and consuming none, producing 16 Monopols and consuming none, and harvesting 5 Gems while consuming none. We're running short on Chemicals and Electronics, plus with the construction of one of these cities, we're going to lose our surplus production in Energy.

We could also use another Lab - technological research has been going pretty slow.

Hmmm... I'm going to leave the decision up to you what to build, but if it's any comfort, I'm going to build a Lab.

If you have plenty of Firebirds, purchase resources from the League to accomodate for production short falls and to keep cranking out those Engineers. If you have found any resource markers for Metal, Energy, etc. you may want to use the next Engineers you build to build these types of cities.

Don't forget to start building something in your Factory on Malignatius if you captured it this turn.

Keep moving your units as you see fit until you see the end your turn message and say "Yes".

A.D. 4968

Keep constructing units as you'd like, but you may want to consider building a PTS Missile Launcher in your Factory so that you can send one to Criticorum or Malignatius to help protect your units from orbital bombardment there.

Stack construction

Let me discuss stack construction as it is detailed in Hyperion with the current number of troops we have available. You may want to get the complete Hyperion Unit Statistics Sheet and refer to it as you go through the units in this list.

The key to constructing stacks of units is to assemble your groups so that they can target the enemy units, while being either immune or able to avoid the enemy's fire or withstand it.

Take a look at the unit summary in the following table that covers all the combat units that we can currently build:

Unit Name(Under)waterIndirectAirDirectClosePsychicRanged SpaceEmphasis
Anti Aircraft  2/40 1/10  Air
Artillery 2/401/10
Anti-Tank Gun 1/10 2/40   Armor
Anti-Infantry Tank 2/20  4/45  Foot
Fanatic Legion     8/90 All
Fertilizer Specialist 8/50     Foot/Armor
Flame Thrower Legion   3/303/30  Foot/Armor
Gunboat  2/253/353/40  Foot/Armor
Infantry 1/201/20    Air/Foot/Armor
Jet-Propulsion Fighter 2/304/70    Air
Medium Tank 2/25 2/202/20  Foot/Armor
Militia   1/101/30  Foot
Naval Battleship 10/250     Foot/Armor
Naval Carrier  10/250    Air
Naval Cruiser3/75 7/125    Air
Naval Destroyer5/75 5/75    Water/Air
Naval Frigate7/75 3/50    Water
Officer Corp   1/101/30  Route Bonus
PTS Missile Launcher  4/110   14/150PTS
Sniper Legion    8/45  Foot
SP Anti Air  1/50 1/10  Air
SP Artillery 1/501/10    Foot/Armor
SP Anti-Tank 1/10 1/50   Armor
Tank Killer 3/30 3/35   Armor

This table covers the unit's attack modes and their emphasis. From this we can create a subset of tables for each emphasis, for example here is a list of units that have an emphasis in Foot combat:

Unit NameIndirectAirDirectClosePsychicEmphasis
Anti-Infantry Tank2/20  4/45 Foot
Fanatic Legion    8/90All
Fertilizer Specialist8/50    Foot/Armor
Flame Thrower Legion  3/303/30 Foot/Armor
Gunboat 2/253/353/40 Foot/Armor
Infantry1/201/20   Air/Foot/Armor
Medium Tank2/25 2/202/20 Foot/Armor
Militia  1/101/30 Foot
Naval Battleship10/250    Foot/Armor
Officer Corp  1/101/30 Route Bonus
Sniper Legion   8/45 Foot
SP Artillery1/501/10   Foot/Armor

Additionally, these units also have weapons that can be used to attack foot units, even though this is not their prime function:

Unit NameIndirectAirDirectCloseEmphasis
Anti Aircraft 2/40 1/10Air
Anti-Tank Gun1/10 2/40 Armor
Jet-Propulsion Fighter2/304/70  Air
SP Anti Air 1/50 1/10Air
SP Anti-Tank1/10 1/50 Armor
Tank Killer3/30 3/35 Armor

The key to putting stacks together is to try to discover a weakness. For example let's take a look at the following enemy stack of units:

Unit NameIndirectDirectCloseNumber
Anti-Infantry Tank2/20 4/451
Medium Tank2/252/202/202
SP Anti-Tank1/101/50 2
Tank Killer3/303/35 1

If we were to put together a stack that is capable of taking this stack out without any losses, there is one glaring deficiency that the enemy stack has - no Air attack capability. A single Jet-Propulsion Fighter can take out this stack!

Aircraft Stack vs. Enemy Stack = Enemy stack easily routed!

Remember, the key to constructing stacks of units is to assemble your groups so that they can target the enemy units, while being either immune or able to avoid the enemy's fire or withstand it.

Also take this into consideration when you assemble your own stacks so that there is not an obvious vulnerability to your group of units. Also, stealth units added to your stack can provide quite a surprise for your enemies by foiling their carefully devised plans. For example, one unpotted Rebel Partisan added to the enemy stack above would spell doom for our Jet-Propulsion Fighter.

Continue with your plans for capturing the remaining cities on Malignatius and Criticorum and determine which planets you're going to go after next.

If you capture the Palace this turn or on successive turns, give your units an atta-boy by increasing their pay 10%. Also note that there is an exotics deposit located northwest of your Criticorum Palace.

Criticorum Exotica Deposit

Start thinking of building a Farm here so that we can start harvesting some Exotica.

Continue to move your units until you get the end turn message and say "No".

Survey how your money situtation is and if you or getting a little short on money, consider selling more maps to the Vau. Also continue to do business with the League as you see fit.

A.D. 4969

You may have completed Electron Microscopes this turn, if you did, then research Ceramsteel.

Keep building units as you see fit.

Continue to implement your plans for capturing cities and moving units. If you built any more Engineers, think of what resources you are short on and get ready to transport your Engineer(s) to harvest collecting sites if you're thinking of building some Mines or Wells.

Continue with this turn as you see fit and when you get the end turn message, say "No".

Go to Volume 3: Physics and look at Ceramsteel (about midway down on the left):


(250) Composite Armor +
(450) Electron Microscopes
(850) Ceramsteel
|++ (1750) Hovertech (-3)...
|++ (2150) Powered Csteel Armor (-2)...
|<> (300) Atmospheric Fighters
|<> (300) Submarine (-2)
|>< (825) PTS Fusion Cannon...
|>< (575) Assassin (-6)
|>< (475) Tracker Legion
|>< (625) Genetic Warrior Legion (-6)...
|>< (975) MKII Space Carrier
|>< (650) Armored Freighter (-2)...
|>< (1150) Raider Stealthship (-4)
|>< (650) Assault Lander
|>< (600) Advanced Minor Watercraft
|>< (775) Direwolf Fusion Tank (-1)...
|>< (875) Violator Assault Gun (-6)
Upgrade Officer to Spy at Palace...
Upgrade Medium Tank to Assault Tank at Factory
Build Scout Tank in Factory
Build Seraphim Space Fighter in Starport...
Build Prophet Space Torpedo Bomber in Starport...
Build Ceramsteel Plant
Upgrade Infantry to Heavy Infantry at Fort
Build Covert Legion in Fort...
Build Chem Shock Legion in Fort...
Build Special Operations Craft in Well
Upgrade Space Torpedo Bomber to Martyr Torpedo Bomber at Starport+++
Upgrade Anti-Infantry Tank to Reaper Tank at Factory+++
Upgrade Starbase to Fusion Starbase at Starport+++
Build Bulk Hauler in Starport...
Build Scout Mech in Starport
Build Light Mech in Starport
Build Light Grappler Mech in Starport
Build Light Anti-Air Mech in Starport
Upgrade Space Torpedo Bomber to Jump Torpedo Bomber at Starport+++

Ceramsteel opens a lot of doors! Hopefully you've continued to crank out Officers in your Palace - we'll be able to upgrade a bunch of them to Spies. Also we'll be able to upgrade our Medium Tanks to Assault Tanks, finally be able to build Scout Tanks, and some space units - Space Fighters and Torpedo Bombers. There are a host of Applied Technologies that we can research as well and we may be able to build some of the units that require other technologies - investigate those units to see which technologies are needed or if we already have the appropriate technologies researched.

Even though Ceramsteel is a few turns off, let's start to formulate what technology we'll research next. Click on "Contents" and go to Electron Microscopes (4th from the top on the left):

Electron Microscopes

(250) Energy Physiks
(450) Electron Microscopes
|-- (700) Nanotechnology (-3)...
|-- (700) Monopols (-1)...
|++ (850) Ceramsteel...

Electron Microscopes also allows Nanotechnology and Monopols. Go to Nanotechnology (below Ceramsteel on the left):


(450) Electron Microscopes
(700) Nanotechnology (-3)
|-- (1000) Monofilament (-1)...
Build Mini Missile Submarine in Well

Nanotechnology allows Monofilament which will enable us to upgrade our Infantry to Heavy Infantry. Next go to Monopols (below Electron Microscopes):


(450) Electron Microscopes
(700) Monopols (-1)
|-- (1000) Cyclotron (-1)...
Build Fusorium
Build Starbase in Starport...

Monopols will allow us to research Cyclotron which gets us closer to researching Jump Drives and building massive space ships. Also, Monopols will allow us to build Starbases (check Volume 5 and you'll notice that Starbases require Monopols and Composite Armor).

Both Nanotechnology and Monopols look very appealing, and when the time comes you may want to split your Lab's research amongst both technologies.

Click "Close" and make sure you have enough resources to produce the appropriate units next turn. When you're done, end your turn.

A.D. 4970

Continue building units as you see fit and carrying out your plans to capture cities, etc.

Keep an eye on your Firebird and resource generation and continue to generate money by trading maps to the Vau, selling excess resources to the league and purchasing resource shortages from the League.

When you're ready, end your turn.

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