Emperor of the Fading Suns


Hyperion Tutorial - A.D. 4971 - 4975

A.D. 4971

Continue to build units as you see fit.

Let me give you on overview of what cities I've captured since turn 4966:

  1. Palace on Criticorum
  2. Fusorium on Malignatius
  3. Arborium near Church on Malignatius
  4. 2 Farms on Rampart (both harvest Exotica)

I'm also getting close to capturing:

  1. Fort on Criticorum
  2. Factory near Fusorium on Malignatius
  3. Factory near Church on Malignatius
  4. Church on Malignatius
  5. Chemicals Plant on Rampart
  6. Electronics Plant on Rampart
Let me also give you an overview of what cities I've built since turn 4966:
  1. Mine near 3 Metal Deposits on Kish
    Mine near 3 Metal Deposits on Kish
  2. Well near Energy Deposit on Kish
    Well near Energy Deposit on Kish

I also have one Engineer available this turn.

Here is my current resource input and output:

  1. Harvesting 649 points of Food and eating 461
  2. Harvesting 140 points of Energy and consuming 140
  3. Harvesting 205 points of Metal
  4. Harvesting 78 points of Trace and consuming 35
  5. Harvesting 22 points of Exotica and consuming 5
  6. Producing 29 points of Chemicals and consuming 20
  7. Producing 24 points of Biochems and consuming 0
  8. Producing 45 points of Electronics and consuming 10
  9. Producing 20 points of Ceramsteel and consuming 0
  10. Producing 20 points of Monopols and consuming 0
  11. Harvesting 5 points of Gems and consuming 0

From here you can see that I can use some more Energy, Metal, Chemicals, and Gems. So that means I'm going to build the following cities when I get the chance:

  1. Mine between Trace and Gem Deposit on Kish
    Mine between Trace and Gem Deposit on Kish
  2. Well near an Energy Deposit on Kish
    Well near Energy Deposit on Kish
  3. Another Well near an Energy Deposit on Kish
    Well near Energy Deposit on Kish

This should give you an idea as to what to build if you're having problems. Always try to stay ahead of your resource consumption. We're going to need to get some serious Gem production before we are able to produce Singularities in the upcoming turns. Also, once Ceramsteel has been researched, you'll find that we'll start to go through it pretty quickly as well. You may want to purchase some Ceramsteel from the League and also build another Ceramsteel Plant or find one to capture.

I also need to produce more Chemicals, but I've spotted 1 Chemicals Plant (and 1 Electronics Plant) near the Palace on Rampart:

Rampart Chemicals Plant near Palace

I'm going to attempt to capture it within the next couple of turns or so, but I may build another one as well.

After you've analyzed your deficiencies, implement your plans to minimize those deficiencies and carry out the movement of your troops, etc.

A.D. 4972

Research of Ceramsteel has been completed!

We now have an interesting choice to make - do we continue with Physics or do we try to branch off and get some of the other technologies?

I've already mentioned Monopols and Nanotechnology:


(450) Electron Microscopes
(700) Monopols (-1)
|-- (1000) Cyclotron (-1)...
Build Fusorium
Build Starbase in Starport...


(450) Electron Microscopes
(700) Nanotechnology (-3)
|-- (1000) Monofilament (-1)...
Build Mini Missile Submarine in Well

We've also seen some of the Microbiology techs:


(100) Microbiology Tech
(250) Genetics (-1)
|++ (600) Genetic Manipulation (-1)...



(250) Pharmaceuticals
(450) Psychopharmacology (-3)
|-- (700) Combat Drugs (-6)
|++ (3700) Wetware (-5)...

Genetics doesn't appear to get us too much, but let's refresh our memory on Genetic Manipulation:

Genetic Manipulation

(250) Genetics (-1) +
(250) Pharmaceuticals
(600) Genetic Manipulation (-1)
|-- (850) Viral DNA (-6)...
|-- (850) Advanced Bacteriology (-2)...

and Advanced Bateriology:

Advanced Bacteriology

(600) Genetic Manipulation (-1)
(850) Advanced Bacteriology (-2)
|-- (1150) Spore Delivery (-6)...
|-- (1150) Guardian Bacteria...
Build Arborium...

From here, we can see that Genetics is part of getting Advanced Bacteriology so that we can build Arboriums. Let's continue with some Applied Technologies we can research, like Atmospheric Fighters:

Atmospheric Fighter (Gryphon)

(850) Ceramsteel
(300) Atmospheric Fighters
Upgrade Jet-Propulsion Fighter to Atmospheric Fighters at Factory+++
Build Divebomber in Factory...
Build Gunship in Factory...
Upgrade Jet-Propulsion Fighter to Laser Fighter at Factory+++
Upgrade Jet-Propulsion Fighter to Morph Fighter at Factory+++
Upgrade Jet-Propulsion Fighter to Morph Fighter at Factory+++

and Submarines:

Submarine (Stingray)

(850) Ceramsteel
(300) Submarine (-2)
Build Submarine in Well...
Upgrade Submarine to Ballistic Submarine at Well+++
Build Mini Missile Submarine in Well
Upgrade Submarine to Morph Submarine at Well+++
Upgrade Submarine to Morph Missile Submarine at Well+++

Atmospheric Fighters enables us to upgrade our Jet-Propulsion Fighters to Atmospheric Figthers and also build Divebombers and Gunships. With other technologies, you can see that it also allows the more advanced Jet-Propulsion Fighters to be built.

Submarines allows us to build Submarines, and since we already have Megachassis, we can upgrade Submarines to Ballistic Submarines as well.

I'm going to leave the choice of selecting the technologies you research up to you, but I'm going to pick 3 technologies: Genetics since it gets me closer to Arboriums and only costs 250 Research Points, Atmospheric Fighters since it allows 3 new units and also is low on the Research Point cost at 300 points, and Nanotechnology, because I want to open up Monofilament so that I can upgrade the hoards of Infantry I've been building to Heavy Infantry.

Let's summarize all the new units we're capable of building, complete with the information we used to assess units in 4968:

Unit NameIndirectAirDirectCloseRanged SpaceDirect SpaceEmphasis
*Assault Tank4/30 3/253/25  Foot/Armor
Covert Legion3/152/103/25   Armor/Camouflage
Scout Tank2/20 2/202/20  Foot/Armor/Speed
Space Fighter     6/50Space Combat
Space Torpedo Bomber    6/50 Space Combat/Planetary Bombardment
Special Operations Craft (SOC)6/75 4/25   Armor/Spotting
*Spy   8/40  Foot/Attacking on Byzantium II
*Requires input unit

Most of these unit's capabilities are in ground attacks, save for the Space Units and the Covert Legion, which has a defensive Air capability.

As far as unit building, I would try to work each of these into you queue, but concentrate on upgrading Medium Tanks to Assault Tanks and Officers to Spies. Save some Officers for use in stacks that need the loyalty boost, but the Spies are handy for spotting enemy units, are well camouflaged, and can attack on Byzantium II. Assault Tanks have 30% more armor than Medium Tanks, 40% faster movement, and their weapons are more accurate and powerful. Special Operations Craft are designed for secret water-based missions. They can be used to attack coastal cities, and have very high agility, spotting, and camouflage, making them very difficult to spot and hit. If they are not spotted, then they cannot be hit by Militia, and other units with combat accuracies less than 3. This makes them excellent at capturing weakly defended coastal cities single-handedly. Covert Legions are designed for covert armor neutralizing missions with their high camouflage. Scout Tank's fast movement, high spotting, and high agility for an armored unit make them excellent hit and run units. Lastly, Space Fighters are a welcome addition to any Space fleet, and Space Torpedo Bombers can bombard planets without fear of retaliation from Ranged Space weaponry.

As you work these units into your building queue, consider building 1 or 2 Special Operations Crafts since we haven't encountered an abundance of water yet. Try to build as many Space Fighters and Torpedo Bombers you can over the next few turns to strengthen your space fleet. Also, Covert Legions are an excellent change of pace at your Forts.

When you get to your turn, proceed with the plans you developed last turn. With the addition of these new units, you may notice that you start using a lot more Chemicals and Electronics. You're going to have to increase production of these resources or buy more from the League to keep up.

A.D. 4973 - 4975

Crank through these turns, continuing with the strategies you've devised. Keep researching technology as you see fit, but I'm concentrating on Nanotechnology right now, so when I get Genetics and Atmospheric Fighters completed, I'm going to put all my research into Nanotechnology. Once Nanotechnology is done, I'm going to go for Monofilament so that I can start converting Infantry into Heavy Infantry.

Once you get Atmospheric Fighters completed, you will be able to build 3 more units:

Unit Name(Under)waterIndirectAirDirectCloseEmphasis
*Atmospheric Fighter 3/305/80  Air
Divebomber 4/604/40  Foot/Armor/Air
Gunship3/70  4/405/40Water/Foot/Armor
*Requires input unit

This concludes the tutorial. Continue playing your current game, and experiment with replaying the tutorial and going for different technologies to get a feel for which technologies are going to match your playing style.

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