Emperor of the Fading Suns


Hyperion Tutorial - A.D. 4956

A.D. 4956

Other Cities, Units, and more on the Archive Volumes

Let’s take a look at some of the other cities and see which units have been spotted. Right click on the Fort just north of your Factory.

Kish Imperial Eye Fort Stack

This Fort is owned by the Imperial Eye and contains 12 units - all units within the spot radius of your units are automatically spotted at the beginning of the game. This stack contains 1 Stealth Lander (Night Hawk), 1 Assassin, 1 Imperial Eye Network (Omniscient), 1 PTS Missile, 3 Heavy Infantry Lgns, 1 Rebel Flak, 1 Rebel ATG, 2 Rebel Art, and one Food Pod.

The Stealth Lander is a very advanced unit that will not be available until late in the game. Click on exit and then go to Volume 5: Military Units on the Archives Menu. Click on Assault Landers (about midway down on the right). This section details all the units that fall under the Assault Lander class. Note that certain units also have a Special Abilities section underneath the Unit Summary section. The Special Abilities section describes certain special capabilities of that unit, in this case the Assault Lander has 2 Cargo Slots, will not suffer damage due to terrain when landing, does not consume Food, and is Immune to Ranged Space Weaponry. Click on “Next” twice to go two pages forward and start reading about Stealth Assault Landers and its technology requirements. Note that it requires Assault Lander Applied Technology and Cloaking Shields. To amuse ourselves, let’s take a look at the Cloaking Shields technology, by going to Volume 3: Physics and then clicking on Cloaking Shields (3rd down on the right).

Cloaking Shields

(4150) Discontinuity Field Generator (-5) +
(5700) Neumonic Armor (-9)
(8100) Cloaking Shields (-9)

One thing to note is that a Lab requires 1/100th of its tech research cost for upkeep rounded down to the nearest integer. 1/100th of Cloaking Shield's research point cost is 81 (8100/100). This means that a Lab requires 81 points to upkeep the Cloaking Shields technology. This does not include any of the prerequisites for the Cloaking Shields technology, but only Cloaking Shields. Including Cloaking Shield's two prerequisite technologies, the Lab upkeep cost of Discontinuity Field Generator is 41 (4150/100) and Neumonic Armor is 57 (5700/100). This means that the total cost of upkeeping these 3 technologies is 41+57+81=179 research points! Remember that this upkeep is only for these 3 technologies and does not include any prerequisites for Neumonic Armor and Discontinuity Field Generator. In Hyperion, researching some technologies requires a huge investment in both research time and upkeep, and so it is encouraged to trade technologies with other players (especially in multi-player games!).

Click on “Close” and go back to the Imperial Eye Fort. There is an Assassin in this stack as well. Take a look at the Assassin’s statistics and then go to Volume 5: Military Units and select Spies and Assassins (4 down on the left). Look at the technologies needed for Assassins and note the technologies required for this unit. There is a -6 Church Dislike Factor associated with the research of Assassins, so we will most likely have to deal with the Church if we wish to research this technology. Read the Spies section and note that Spies are the input unit for Assassins.

Let’s go back to the Imperial Eye stack and look at the Imperial Eye Network (Omniscient). Note that it has 50 Spot. This is a huge advantage for someone who acquires the Imperial Eye; intelligence is the ‘Eye’s forte. Let’s go to Volume 1: The Known Worlds and click on Regency and Ministry Units (9 down on the left). The first part of this treatise covers the Regency in detail and then discusses Ministry Units. Click "Next" 3 times to get to the section on the Ministry Units. Note that Ministry Unit construction is highly secretive and that there is only a guess as to which technologies must have been used to create that unit. The Imperial Eye Network is listed near the bottom of the next page on the right. It is not known what the technologies are to build these special units since the secrets are so heavily guarded. Read the rest of the section if you are interested.

Let’s go back to the Imperial Eye Fort and look at the Heavy Infantry Legion. Go to Volume 5: Military Units and click on Militia/Infantry/Viper Militia (top left). You've already read about Infantry but read the section on Heavy Infantry (click next). Note that Heavy Infantry units require Infantry as input units and have Ceramsteel and Monofilament as technology requirements. Both of these technologies are not too far off.

Next let’s right click on the Agora on Kish.

Kish Agora Stack

Depending on who you’ve spotted, you will see 1 Merchant, 1 League Security Droid, 2 Infantry, 1 Rebel Flak, 1 Rebel ATG, 1 Rebel Art, and a lot of Cargo Pods. Go to Volume 1: The Known Worlds and click on Leagueheim and League Units (6 down on the left). Again, this treatise covers the League and Leagueheim in detail and then covers the League units. Click “Next” 4 times and you'll see League Forces in the upper right. This is the start of the League Forces section and describes unique League units. Both the Merchant and League Security Droid are listed here. You can read the rest of the section if you wish, but note that none of the units in this section can be built, those secrets are hidden all too well.

Next click "Contents" and Note that among the descriptions of the different races and sects in Emperor of the Fading Suns there is also a description of the various buildings that are available for construction either now or as the game progresses. Click on Farm (about halfway down on the left). This section describes the use of the Farm, the resources it collects and their value, any special units it produces as the game progresses, and any units that do not consume Food.

Click “Next” to go to the Mine and read that section, then click on “Next” to go to the Well. Again, read this entire section, but note that at the end there is also a Unit Hierarchy:

Well Unit Hierarchy:

Naval Transport
|<>Armored Naval Transport

Naval Frigate
|<>Naval Destroyer
|<>Guided Missile Frigate
|<>Guided Missile Destroyer
|<>Meson Naval Destroyer

Naval Cruiser
|<>Naval Battleship
|<>Guided Missile Cruiser
|<>Guided Missile Battleship
|<>Meson Naval Cruiser
|<>Meson Naval Battleship

Naval Aircraft Carrier
|<>Advanced Naval Carrier
|<>Meson Naval Carrier

The Unit Hierarchy lists any units that are upgrades of other units. For instance, the Naval Transport is the input unit for the Armored Naval Transport, and the Naval Frigate is the input unit for 5 units: Naval Destroyer, Guided Missile Frigate, Guided Missile Destroyer, and Meson Naval Destroyer. Read the rest of the entire Volume 1 if you wish to get a general idea of the usefulness of the structures in Hyperion, paying particular attention to the information on Factories, Forts, and Starports.

Once you are done perusing the Archives end your turn.

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