Emperor of the Fading Suns


Hyperion Tutorial - A.D. 4956

A.D. 4956

Firebird Generation

Click on the “House” menu item to go to your House screen. Note that you’re pulling in around 1141 Firebirds in taxes and expending around 4455 Firebirds in unit pay (these numbers may be slightly different). At this rate, we will be broke next turn. First, raise the Tithe Skim to maximum (this should give you an additional 1128 Firebirds or so). We are still about 2200 Firebirds negative, so let’s drop your unit pay. Because you selected 2 positive loyalty traits (Noblesse Oblige and Rule of Law) your units have 95% loyalty. Until we are able to find better means of generating Firebirds, we need to drop unit pay. Click "Exit" and right click on one of your stacks of units. Note that they indeed have 95% loyalty. We can drop Unit Pay quite a bit and still not worry about rebellion. Return to the "House" Menu and drop your loyalty 50 percentage points by clicking in the -10% area 5 times:

Adjusting Unit Pay

Your overall loyalty will be 45% (95%-50%) and you should be spending around 2227 Firebirds in Unit Pay per turn or so. This will give about +40 Firebirds per turn, but with one Lab, we will actually be dropping about 450 Firebirds per turn since Labs cost 500 Firebirds to run. This drop is acceptable for right now, click on the “Exit” button and select “Yes” to the “Are you sure” message (ensure that the Advisor states that your units will lose 50 loyalty).

Next click on the “Diplomacy” menu item and then click on the Vau. Selling maps to the Vau is an excellent way to generate money. Sell them the map of Kish (any where from 800 to 1500 Firebirds or so) and Byzantium II (around 750 to 1300 Firebirds or so).

Return to the House screen, you should have made about 2000 Firebirds or so from those transactions. This gives us a little more breathing room.

Resource Harvesting and Production

Click on “Exit” and return to the planetside of Kish. Let’s look at your resource generation. Right click on the Food icon; you should be harvesting around 203 points and consuming around 176 points. We have a slight surplus. Next go to Energy production and note that we’re harvesting 70 points or so and consuming 25. We’re harvesting around 64 Metal, 25 Trace with 10 consumption, 0 Exotics, and 0 Gems. The only production facility we have right now is the Chemicals Plant, which is consuming 25 Energy and 10 Trace. Currently, it is producing 11 units.

For now we can buy some more resources from the League to aid us in the production of units and resources.

Purchasing from the Agora to Build Units

Go back to the Church and click “Build” and then click on the Clergy. Let’s go ahead and build a Clergy unit by double clicking on it. A screen with popup allowing us to purchase resources from the League, go ahead and do that for the 71 Firebirds. We’re going to need more Gems to produce more Clergy, so let’s purchase the remaining 9 Gems from the League Agora. Move the Gems into your Church and Sentry them.

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