Emperor of the Fading Suns


Hyperion Tutorial - A.D. 4956

A.D. 4956

Moving the Rest of Your Units

Next let’s start cycling through your units. Pick any of the stacks and either sentry them or skip them for this turn. Continue to do this for the rest of your stacks until we get to the stack on Byzantium II.

Once you get to your stack on Byzantium II, load 2 Power Lgns aboard your Freighter,

Byzantium II Loading Fort Units

blast off, and jump to Criticorum. Next, select one Rebel Flak and start moving it northwest.

Byzantium II Moving Rebel Flak #1 Northwest

Once you get near the top of the map, have it “bounce”

Byzantium II Moving Rebel Flak #1 Southwest

off the map by moving it southwest. Notice the speed of a Hover unit over this kind of terrain. Next take another Rebel Flak and send it northeast 2 hexes.

Byzantium II Moving Rebel Flak #2 Northeast

Note that you are right next to the Imperial Guard's forces and may start spotting a few of their units.

If you are curious, take a look at their stacks. The stack directly north of your Rebel Flak is a group of Imperial Guard Naval units.

Byzantium II Imperial Guard Naval Stack

Right click on this stack and notice that it consists of 1 Naval Cruiser (Tsunami) and 3 Naval Frigates (Moray Eels) (you may see more or less depending on how many you spotted). Note the attack capabilities and statistics of these units. The Naval Cruisers have Water and Air attack capabilities as well as the Naval Frigates. Note however, that the Naval Cruiser is much stronger in Air than Water, while the Naval Frigate is much stronger in Water than Air. Also note that the Frigates are faster than the Cruiser. You will also notice something strange about this stack of Naval units – their movement type. These Naval units have a movement type of W which means Wheel in standard EFS. In Hyperion, W means Water.

Once you are done looking at their units, skirt around the bottom of their cities

Byzantium II Skirting Rebel Flak #2 around Imperial Guard Buildings

and again proceed northeast. Again, if you spotted any Imperial Guard Forces, you can look at their stacks if you’re curious. Right click on the other Naval stack

Byzantium II Imperial Guard Naval Stack

and note that it is comprised of the same units as the other Naval stack. Next right click on the Factory and look at this stack.

Byzantium II Imperial Guard Imperial Missile Battery

This stack contains 1 Imperial Missile Battery (Morning Star). Note that this unit has Indirect, Air, and Ranged Space. The Imperial Missile Battery is a special unit in Hyperion that cannot be built. There are special units in Hyperion that have been constructed by means that are kept highly secret. This is the case with the Ministries, the League, the Church, the Symbiots, the Vau, and the Rebels. Continue moving towards the North

Byzantium II Moving Rebel Flak #2 North and West and then East Byzantium II Moving Rebel Flak #2 East to finish scouting with this unit.

If you spot any al-Malik forces you can take a look at them. Next take a Rebel ATG and send it directly south.

Byzantium II Moving Rebel ATG #1 South

If you spot any Hazat units along the way, take a look at them. Next take another Rebel ATG and send it southwest.

Byzantium II Moving Rebel ATG #2 Southwest Byzantium II Continuing to Move Rebel ATG #2 Southwest

Finally, take a Rebel Art and send it southeast.

Byzantium II Moving Rebel Art #1 Southeast Byzantium II Continuing to Move Rebel Art #1 Southeast

If you spot any Decados or Hawkwood troops, take a look at them if you wish. This should give you a good amount of scouting in each direction from your Fort, radially. Go ahead and sentry the remaining stack on Byzantium II. If you are taken to any remaining stacks, skip them all to get to the end turn screen. Say “No” to the end turn screen.

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