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Hyperion Tutorial - A.D. 4956

A.D. 4956

Attacking Cities

Now letís get ready to capture some cities! Go into space and select your Vlad Cruiser. Bombard the planet. Letís pick the structure by itself near the middle left of the map (itís the one in the mountains near the lake of water) Ė attack!

Kish Bombarding Rebel Mine

Note that in this stack there are 8 units in which you may have just destroyed one. Click ďCombat DoneĒ and then go to the city you just attacked. Right click on it

Kish Rebel Mine Stack

and notice that there are 1 Officer, 2 Rebel Partisans, 2 Militia, and depending on how successful your bombardment was, 1 SP Artillery, 1 Anti-Aircraft, 1 ATG, and 1 Artillery. With the Officer, the Partisans are going to be tough to get. Letís see what the other cities hold.

Go back into space and bombard the planet again. This time attack both cities that are northeast of the Mine you attacked previously.

Kish Bombarding Farm and Well

The Well has 6 units:

Kish Rebel Well Stack

1 Partisan, 2 Militia, 1 SP Anti air, 1 SP Artillery, and 1 ATG (I destroyed the ATG during bombardment). The Farm has 4 units:

Kish Rebel Farm Stack

2 Militia, 1 SP Anti air, and 1 Artillery (again you may have destroyed 1 unit during bombardment). The Farm and Well are a lot less defended then the Mine, plus we do need a Well; however, it does have one Partisan unit in it so we will need a pretty sizeable force. Letís prepare to attack this Well so that we can get start collecting some Energy.

Go into space and take one of the Assault Landers and land it in the Farm that is located to the southwest of your Palace (the one with 1 Militia, 1 Rebel Flak, 1 ATG, and 1 Rebel Art).

Kish Landing in Farm

Load the Rebel Flak and Rebel Art onto your Lander

Kish Loading Farm Units

and blast off into space. Next take your second Lander and land in the Palace. Load the Rebel ATG and Rebel Art onboard

Kish Loading Palace Units

and blast off into space. Next take your Bulk Hauler and Psy Destoryer and land in the Fort Northwest of your Palace. Load the Rebel Art, Scout Tank, and 2 Medium Tanks aboard the Bulk Hauler and another Medium Tank and an SP Artillery aboard your Psy Destroyer

Kish Loading Fort Units

and blast off into space.

Now with your task force of 2 loaded Assault Landers and 1 Bulk Hauler, land next to the Rebel Well in the northeast hex.

Kish Landing near Well

Your Bulk Hauler will suffer damage upon landing, but that is okay. Return to the stack that just landed and notice the amount of terrain that has been uncovered by your landing stack. Right click on your stacks and note the spot of your Bulk Hauler and Assault Landers. Space ships in Hyperion have high spotting. Next, unload all of your units and select all the units but the Bulk Hauler (it has 0 movement anyway).

Kish Well Attack Stack

The Assault Landers can partake in the combat as well with their Close Combat. Attack the Well! You should be successful in your combat, if there are any rebel units that survived the conflict be sure to capture them. Leave a small contingent to protect your 2 Landers and Bulk Hauler and move the rest into the Well.

With the 5 Rebel units (3 Rebel Art, 1 Rebel Flak, 1 Rebel ATG unless you lost one in combat), move them towards the Farm,

Kish Moving to Rebel Farm


Kish Farm Attack Stack

attack; if any units route capture them and move the remaining units into the Farm.

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