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Hyperion Tutorial - A.D. 4956

A.D. 4956

Units and Structures

This section details important information about the units and structures that appear in Hyperion.

When you start, you are taken to your stack of units on Byzantium II. If your selected stack is not on Byzantium II, go to Byzantium II.

Right click on the Li Halan Fort to bring up the unit stack screen.

Byzantium II Fort Stack

Note that you have 17 units in this stack consisting of 1 Freighter (Solar Wind), 1 Noble, 2 PTS Missile Launchers, 5 Power Armor Legions (Power Lgn), 2 Rebel Anti-Aircraft (Rebel Flak), 3 Rebel Anti-Tank Guns (Rebel ATG), 2 Rebel Artillery (Rebel Art), and 1 Cargo Pod containing 496 units of Food.

Notice that the Freighter has two cargo pods – this is similar to the Freighter unit in standard EFS. You will find that a lot of the units in Hyperion are similar to their standard EFS counterparts in unit usage. Note, however, that the Freighter’s statistics are actually quite different from the Freighter in standard EFS. This is the portion of Hyperion that may require getting used to as familiar looking units could have quite different statistics.

This stack contains some special units. The Rebel units (Rebel Flak, Rebel ATG, Rebel Art) are gifts from Rebel Factions sympathetic to your cause at the beginning of the game, but they can never be built nor will you receive any more. Use them wisely. Also the Power Armor Legions are too technologically advanced for your current level of technology so it will be a while before you can build them as well. Again, use them wisely. There is a Noble in the stack, a couple of PTS Missile Launchers, and a Food Cargo Pod.

Right click on each unit’s icon to study the unit’s statistics. Note that the Rebel units are all of Movement Type Hover and are fast at 12 movement points each. Hover units in Hyperion are able to move onto any terrain hex. The Rebel Flak has Air and Close weaponry, the Rebel ATG has Indirect and Direct weapons, and the Rebel Art has Indirect and Air capabilities. The Rebel Flak will perform well against Air and Foot units, the Rebel ATG will perform well against armored units, and the Rebel Art will perform well against armor, Foot, and Air units. Also note that the Power Lgns have attack capabilities in Indirect, Air, and Close. Their Indirect and Close make them adept at attacking other Foot units while their Air makes them useful against aircraft as well. Also note that they have good Armor.

Right click on the Freighter again and notice its Maintenance Statistic. Space ships in Hyperion are very expensive to maintain and so that is why the Freighter has a base Firebird upkeep cost of 226 per turn. Look at the Maintenance Statistic for the other units and note that it is substantially less on the other units then it is on the Freighter. This means that you will have to have lots of Firebirds to maintain a large space fleet.

Click on “Exit” to go back to the planet map and click on the “Wait” button to skip this stack of units for now - we will be coming back to them once we figure out which units are needed elsewhere.

You should be taken to a stack of 4 units located in a Farm on Kish. Right click on this stack.

Kish Farm Stack

Note that again, you have a couple of Rebel units (Rebel Flak, Rebel Art) as gifts combined with a Militia and Anti-tank Gun (ATG). Militia Lgns have Direct and Close weapons making them useful against armored and other Foot units. Anti-tank Gun’s have Indirect and Direct weaponry and so are useful against armored units primarily, Foot units secondarily. Notice that the ATG’s statistics are a lot lower than those of a Rebel ATG. Let’s cycle through all the stacks of your units, click “Exit”, then the “Wait” button.

Next you should be taken to a stack of 11 units located in a Fort on Kish. Again, right click on this stack and take a look at it.

Kish Fort Stack

Notice that there is 1 Officer Corp, 1 Scout Tank (Greyhound), 3 Medium Tanks (Wolfens), 2 SP Artillery (Smyters), 1 Rebel Soldier Legion (Soldier Lgn), 1 Anti-aircraft (Flak), 1 ATG, and 1 Rebel Art. Officers, in Hyperion are similar to standard EFS, although they have different statistics. Officers have Direct and Close weapons identical to that of a Militia. Scout Tanks are great at scouting uncovered terrain (note the 10 Movement Points and 10 Spot) and have good all-around ground combat capabilities against both Foot and Armored units (Indirect, Direct, and Close). They are also too technologically advanced for this stage of the game, so we will have to be careful with this unit. Medium Tanks have slightly better Indirect than Scout Tanks and are a lot more heavily armored, but have less movement and spotting. SP Artillery are mobile cousins of regular Artillery with Indirect and Air. Rebel Soldier Legions are another unit that has been given to you by sympathetic rebel factions at the beginning of the game and cannot be built. Note that they have combat abilities in 4 areas: Indirect, Air, Direct, and Close making them excellent all around units. Use them wisely. Anti-aircraft have Air and Close. Note again that the Flak’s statistics are a lot lower than those of a Rebel Flak’s. Click on “Exit” and then “Wait” to go to the next stack.

The next stack should be a group of 5 units containing 2 Militia, an ATG, and 2 Cargo Pods located in a Mine. Nothing new here, click “Wait” until you get to the next stack, a group of 6 units in a Factory. Nothing new here, 3 Militia, an ATG, and 2 Cargo Pods click “Wait”.

The next stack has 1 Clergy, 1 Militia, and 1 Artillery in the Church right click on this stack.

Kish Church Stack

The Clergy has Psychic attack capabilities and the Artillery has Indirect and Air. Notice again the differences between the statistics of an Artillery and a Rebel Artillery. Click on “Exit” and then “Wait” to go to the next stack.

The next stack is located in your Palace. Right click on this stack.

Kish Palace Stack

Here you have 5 Sceptres, 4 Nobles, 1 Engineer, 3 Infantry, 1 Rebel ATG, 1 Rebel Art, and 2 Artillery. Nobles have Direct and Close superior to that of Officers and Militia and Infantry have Indirect and Air weaponry making them versatile units. Click “Exit” then “Wait” to go to the next stack.

The next stack is 2 Militia and 1 ATG in a Lab click “Wait” to go to the next stack. The next stack is 2 Militia in a Farm click “Wait” to go to the next stack.

The next stack should be your orbiting fleet above Kish. Right click on this stack.

Kish Orbiting Stack

This stack contains a Psy-Destroyer (Old Glory) your House’s Flagship, 1 Vlad Cruiser, 2 Space Frigates (Solar Flares), 2 Assault Landers (Shuttles), and 1 Bulk Hauler (Gas Giant). House Flagships are extremely powerful vessels especially after being upgraded as the game progresses. The Flagship’s input unit is the Flagship Artisan. The Flagship Artisan is the genius that knows how to design House Flagships from certain technologies available. You start the game with only 1 Flagship and if it is destroyed you cannot build another so be very careful with it. The other vessels in your space fleet are similar to the standard EFS space units, but again look at their statistics to see what their capabilities are and note the expensive Maintenance Statistic for each of these space ships. Click “Exit” and “Wait”.

Once again we return to the stack on Byzantium II. Click on the Fort’s “Build” button. Note that only an Engineer and Militia can be built in the Fort right now. Engineers and Militia can be built in any building. So this means there are no special units available for building at the Fort yet. Click on the “Exit” button. Go to your Palace on the planet Kish and click “Build”. Notice that here you can build the same units as the Fort with the addition of an Officer Corp. The Officer Corp is a special unit that can be built only in a Palace. Click on the Officer Corp and note that it requires 2 Food, 5 Metal, 2 Trace, 1 Chemicals and 4 Electronics to build. Unfortunately, you do not have the resources to make this unit at this time, so click “Exit”. Next right click on the Factory and click “Build”. Note here is similar to the Fort except that it can build a Freight Hauler. The Freight Hauler is a special unit that can only be built in a Factory. Click on the Freight Hauler and note that it appears that you have all the required resources to build this unit except it is still red. This is because the Freight Hauler also requires Energy, which is not included in the list. In Hyperion, there are a few of the early units that require raw Energy as a resource input; they are listed in the table below along with their Energy requirements.

Name En Name En Name En
Jet-Propulsion Fighters 16 Militia Legion 2 Infantry Legion 4
Officer Corp 2 Flame Thrower Legion 6 Fanatic Legion 4
Sniper Legion 3 Naval Transport 18 Submarine/td> 18
Anti-Tank Gun 12 Anti-Aircraft Gun 12 Artillery 12
Freight Hauler 8 SP Anti-Tank 20 SP Anti-Air 20
SP Artillery 20 Anti-infantry Tank 19 Medium Tank 19
Tank Killer 19 Gunboat 16 Naval Frigate 21
Naval Destroyer 1 Naval Cruiser 24 Naval Battleship 2
Aircraft Carrier 26 Special Operations Craft 16    

Note that the Freight Hauler requires 8 Energy units. Click on “Exit” and right click on the Church and click “Build”. There is a Clergy available, but again you are short on resources, this time 1 Gem - click on “Exit”. Again, the Clergy is a special unit that can only be built in a Church, in Hyperion many of the different structures can build special units not available in any of the other structures.

Click on the Archives menu and select Volume 3: Physics then click on Composite Armor located about halfway down on the left. Note that with Composite Armor, 4 units will become available, 3 in the Factory and 1 in the Fort. Also notice the list of units after the two pluses - there are 18 units. These 18 units will become available with the research of Composite Armor and at least one other technology - let's see if we can track some of these units down. Click “Close” and then go back to the Archives Menu again, this time clicking Volume 5: Military Units and click on Tanks located about halfway down on the left. There is a heading at the beginning of this section that details what units are discussed in this portion of the Manowitz. Below the unit's name, there is a lot of information presented about this unit in the Unit Summary section. The Unit Summary section is meant to be a brief description of the unit’s strengths and special abilities. After the Unit Summary section, there is the list of technologies that are prerequisites for that unit. Notice that the Medium Tank requires both Composite Armor and Energy Physics. Not only that, this list also includes all units that require Composite Armor and Energy Physics. Since we already have Energy Physics, we'll be able to construct these 10 units if we so desire when Composite Armor is completed. Click “Contents” then Tank Killers (right below Tanks) and notice that Tank Killers have the same complete listing of all units that require Composite Armor and Energy Physics. This is so that you do not have to hunt around to find out which units are going to be available with the same technology requirements. Click “Contents” and then Militia/Infantry/Viper Militia in the upper left. We've already seen that Infantry require only Composite Armor, but click "Next" to go to the next page. On the right of the page is the description for Flame Thrower Legions. They require Composite Armor, Energy Physics, and Psychosocial Engineering. Since we already have Psychosocial Engineering and Energy Physics, Flame Thrower Legions will also be available with the completion of Composite Armor! Click "Contents" and then click Psychics/Officers/Nobles (right below Militia/Infantry/Viper Militia). Notice that Fanatics require Pharmaceuticals, Composite Armor, and Meditation. Since we already have Pharmaceuticals and Meditation, we'll be able to build Fanatics when Composite Armor is completed as well. Next click "Contents" and then Basic PTS Weapons (4 down on the right). Notice that PTS Missile Launchers require Megachassis, Energy Physics, and Composite Armor. Again since we already have Megachassis and Energy Physics, these units also will be available with the completion of Composite Armor.

As can be seen, there will be many different units available when Composite Armor has been researched and it is clear now why that technology was selected. Click “Close” and right click on the Palace.

Here you have an Engineer and now we need to decide what city we’re going to build. The units we’re going to be building in the next few turns will require both Chemicals and Electronics. Right click on the Agora and check the price and availability of Chemicals and Electronics. The price and availability are almost identical. Let’s build a Chemicals Plant since we’ll use more Chemicals than Electronics over the following years.

Let’s construct the Chemicals Plant. Go back to the Palace and select the Engineer. Move the Engineer to any of the surrounding empty non-shielded hexes (I selected the hex southwest of the Palace)

Kish Building Electronics Plant

and build a Chemicals plant (reselect the Engineer if after moving him focus shifts to another unit). Note in the build screen that there are several different structures available.

After you have built the Electronics plant right click on any of your cities and click build. Select the Engineer and note that Engineers in Hyperion require 200 Food and 500 Metal to produce. The construction of a new city requires enough Food to feed the workers building the city and requires plenty of Metal to construct the actual structure. This is a major difference between standard EFS and Hyperion. You will have to rely more on the League to acquire enough resources to crank out Engineers early.

Next, right click on the Agora and purchase 200 Metal. There is now enough Metal to build an Engineer, right click on the Shield city and click “Build”. Double click on the Engineer and confirm the build. We are now producing an Engineer in our Shield City that will be finished in 4 turns. This is the same number of turns as in standard EFS.

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